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Does anyone else have this happen to them? At night, I hear 'clicks' or 'clickings'. They come from all over the room. I also see, right before my natural eyes, 'black things'. I see pitch-black 'lines, a black 'death' wreath on my neighbor's door, squiggly designs, kalidescope swirl patters, splotches'...and 2x, a big black spider. The first time I saw the spider, it 'fell' right down in front of me, in my bed. It was suspended on a web. (I also have been bitten, but the fang marks look more like a a snake?) It was very real, but it was spirit. I slept w/the lights on that night. I also saw it again, scurrying up on the ceiling. Years ago, I saw a pitch black 'flying horse' w/a demonic face. It was a little black horse with wings. It appeared right in front of me, and it flew in 'sharp angles'. The words came to me, "Get behind me, satan, Jesus is Lord." Then it disappeared into thin air. One of my most recent dreams included a long, long black snake. I saw it's large, still face, then later, the body slowly started moving. Well, that's all for now. Thanks for this site. I hope it's 'legit'...for I have been duped before. (Also, my bed and my body 'vibrate'. Very, very annoying.)



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