ShenValleyBVer #racist

(Salon has published a story about race-baiting in the GOP)

The jackass braying about GOP racism for 50 years should quit looking through his glass navel and check out the Senators who enabled the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Dumbocrat racists voted against it. GOP senators such as Dirksen, Kuchel, Engle, and Aiken pushed it across the finish line.

Joan Walsh has to play the race card because she can't prevail on substance. The race card is all she has. Her raging incompetent of a President--a man who, if you take away his teleprompter, talks like a s*** salesman with a mouth full of samples--couldn't lead a band of pimps to a bordello. The man makes Jimmy Carter look like Abraham Lincoln. Mr. Hussein has done nothing to bring America together. Quite the opposite, in fact. He has done nothing to discourage black men and black women away from a children-born-out-of-wedlock rate north of 70%. His pea-brained attorney general refers to the black community as "My people"; no, scumbag, this monumental incompetent--the same man who sneaked Marc Rich in for a pardon on Bill Clinton's way out the door--doesn't know that his people are all 320 million Americans. His NSA has bugged the American people. His IRS thugocracy did its damnedest to throttle free speech. His Justice Dept. monitored the e-mail of the Associated Press.

Mr. Hussein is just another lying, smashmouth political hack from the Chicago 'burbs. Its unfortunate that when America really did prove that we are different from the rest of the world by electing a black man as our President, we did so by electing a man whose veracity and competence are no longer questionable. He's neither truthful nor capable. It's too bad that we didn't elect Condi Rice, J.C. Watts, or Tim Scott. At least none of them would embarrass the American people on the world stage so often as to make our humiliation routine. He flouts the Constitution he was sworn to uphold. He chooses which laws he will enforce and which ones he won't. If a Republican president did 1% of what Mr. Hussein has done, she or he would be impeached. This president should be impeached, but that won't happen because white liberals such as Joan Walsh, eaten up with guilt and angst, will label any move against this racist President as, you guessed it, racist.

Shame on her, and shame on the in-the-tank-for-Obama mainstream media. They're not watch dogs. They're lap dogs.



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