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RE: Blackpill Female Dating Strategy Is One Of The Biggest Spreaders Of The Blackpill.



Oh my god!!!! This happened to me, girls. I was dating a HVM. He was amazing in every way. However, a few months in, I finally pulled his pants
down to reveal...the smallest penis I have ever seen in my life. It was the size of my pinky fingernail. I pretended I was not feeling well and asked him to leave. His penis was legitimately the only dealbreaker.

See, lurkers/downvoters, there's always the option of plastic surgery for your teeny weenies! We still won't want you anyway though, just fyi.


For real, so many women consider different plastic surgeries (rhinoplasty and breast augmentation beingvery common) yet men expect us to just...settle down for their 3-4 inch penis? ew.


womens rights was a mistake

Honestly though. Integrating women into society to have the same roles as men is what fucked us over. Now that they have all their money and rights to do whatever they want, why would they date their looksmatch? Furthermore, the addition of women rights and feminism in the 60s allowed for less social criticism against women meaning they can now be sluts, cheat and lie. Women were never given the same moral compass as us men, so therefore, lying and manipulative traits are easily found in them. We need to control them again. But this ducked society is headed in the opposite direction.



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