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Yet another example of them claiming they’re better than actual women…


What’s with these people and trying to convince themselves that they are prettier than bio females? Do they secretly know that they look terrible at the back of their minds and then do this to delude themselves into thinking otherwise?


It’s cope

Totally. My uncle is now my aunt and she straight up looks like me in a dress. She sounds like if I was trying to mock a woman's voice. She buys expensive clothes, expensive makeup, expensive haircuts. Still just me in a dress though. There's no fixing being too tall with broad shoulders and a man-face.

There's no way she can't see it. She's choosing to ignore it to cope.

I'm guessing that they are trying to get out in front of the inevitable fact that men won't want to date them because of how they look. They are preparing people to say that trans women are just as beautiful as real women, even though trans women often look like lazy drag queens. Very few of the self-promoters on Twitter, Tik Tok, or Youtube are actually "passing", as they would say. They know they still look like men and they are trying pre-emptively shame people into never actually admitting it.

Same self serving bollocks as the "body positive fat acceptance" movement.

They deep down can't stand themselves so they create a fantasy for themselves and lash out at anyone who calls it out.

Their delusional enough to think their a sex they are not in reality, they have a section of society telling them and feeding their mental illness - why is it shocking they think they are pretty or better than actual women? You do not fix mental illness by feeding that mental illness - transgenderism is a political tool, nothing more.

Every time you call a trans person their preferred pro-nouns you are feeding a mental illness, you are making them worse.



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