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The Aluminum Conspiracy is an entirely manmade and ongoing event. It is also a complex conspiratorial plot being fastidiously carried out by the New World Order globalist cabal to further sicken and neutralize, incapacitate and debilitate billions of people around the world.
This depopulation scheme not only concerns the atmosphere wherever chemical engineering is implemented via chemtrail operations, but also the ambient indoor air of homes and apartments, office buildings and shopping malls.
Aluminum is now is being systematically introduced into the atmosphere via the ubiquitous chemical engineering programs which now operate around the clock. Also known as chemtrail spraying operations, these aerosol formulations contain coal fly ash, the main component of which is alumina.
Chemtrail residues that fall to the Earth have been analyzed for several years. Three of the major chemical constituents are aluminum oxide, barium salts and strontium. Each of these chemical compounds is being used for specific reasons.

The aluminum oxide is derived from the coal fly ash, which is mandatorily removed from the smoke of coal-fired power plants. Which begs the question: Why does the EPA enforce the removal of coal fly ash in the smokestacks, but then permit the spraying of vast quantities throughout the skies of the USA?

This is where the conspiracy begins.
MEMORY LOSS: The True Purpose Behind the Conspiracy
When an individual begins to suffer from memory loss, their life begins to crumble in ways that do not compare with any other debilitation, either physical or psychological. After all, when a person loses their memory they have lost their most important faculty.
But that still does make the severely aluminum poisoned ‘useless eaters’… … …who can be used in all sorts of diabolical experiments concerning the main goal of the power elite—the attainment of human immortality, the very opposite of spiritual immortality.



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