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( @Trouble_Man )
Never in my life have I thought about migrating my entire extended family to someone else’s land, gradually infiltrating their towns and institutions of power, and then passing laws banning criticism of my tribe for the total subversive we’ve accomplished. Truly parasitic behavior.

( @DoomerGuy )
@Trouble_Man I've never even thought about taking over the monetary system of another country so I can enslave and impoverish them while enriching my own people.

Nor have I ever considered sexually mutilating the children of a foreign people... I mean damn... What kind of sick fucking demons would do something like that?

( @MKsThoughts )
@Trouble_Man it really is just evolution at work.

White's are trusting and predisposed to collaboration. Because that's how you survive winter.

The kikes evolutionary niche is exploiting this^^.

( @WindMillTilter )
@Trouble_Man In their verminous minds, they think everything they do to destroy us is to the glory of Israel. Identical to muslims, except more insidious, and slower moving.

( @Grandmamagda )
@WindMillTilter @Trouble_Man muslims kill by violence, jews by cunning. Preferably let them kill among themselves so the jews stay hidden.



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