Stan and Elizabeth Madrak #fundie

A triangle pointing up or down is a sign of the unholy trinity to satanists, and is revered as a holy symbol. A triangle in a circle is a really high holy symbol of satanism.

Notice how many things on the market today are shaped like triangles. Clocks, radios, buildings, the list goes on. Pyramids are triangles.

You will find many satanic symbols used on the patches of the boy scouts, girl scouts, and NASA Space program.

Crystals are the rage today. They are demonic. You get your very own demon in every piece. It is part of the New Age movement.

How about unicorns? They are so cute! There are statutes and pictures and stuffed animals and blankets and jewelry of unicorns. Yep! You guessed it! Unicorns are symbols for satanism. Occultism looks at it as a symbol of their god. I've read of testimonies where just having a unicorn what-not in the house caused financial, sexual and physical problems.

Been sick a lot in your life? Can't sleep at night? If you look around your house, you may find pictures and the like of frogs and owls. Oh No! Not my ceramic frogs and owls? YES! The Bible says that owls and frogs are abominable things.

People laughed at Jesus too for what He taught and did. The people that won were the ones that listened and acted upon His words.



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