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spoiler(image description: a green haired carricature of a trans woman is depicted as entering a womens restroom with the words "Hey fellow females, just here to powder my nose", with it then being shown that the bathroom is filled with carricatures of Rachel Levine, Dylan Mulvaney, Sam Brinton & Jeffrey Marsh)

( @venus_iscariot )
Funny how men being allowed into women's spaces spells the reintroduction of the urinary leash, yet these men depend on women being in those spaces to make invasion worthwhile. The end result is women stay home, but not the goal. As lefty males they see women as public property.

( @Beat_Rev )
Turns out letting creepy sex pest men in women spaces is very progressive. Enjoying the show feminists?

( @ProtoAugustus )
A future where the "women's" bathrooms will actually have no real women in them.

( @chicken49264739 )
The whole reason they do this is gain access to women I bet you would never see a transwoman dating another transwoman



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