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[old, but still relevant]

Our son graduated second in his high school class, was an all-state athlete, and model citizen. Before he was arrested at age 24 he had never had a brush with the law, not even as much as a parking ticket. Like millions of teenagers across America he discovered pornography at the age of 16 when we brought the one-eyed computer/monster into our home.

The internet was new, and most parents were unaware of what was readily available for viewing. Over the next 8 years, pornography began to sink it’s teeth into him. Eventually, his fleshly-curiosity led him to a file-sharing website where he downloaded onto our computer images of teenage girls. How many young men all across this nation are guilty of this crime?

But it was a crime. Because the girls were under the age of 18, they were considered minors. Downloading the images was considering “pandering pornography” and because they were “minors” it was a Class II felony…right up there with kidnapping, rape, and murder.

All hell was about to be unleashed on our son. He was about to lose everything he had.

Because he was the son of a “local minister,” and because of the bold Christian-stand that Pass The Salt Ministries takes, our son became the whipping boy for all who had a bone to pick with his father. The local media reacted with a vengeance. They tried to kill me buy destroying our son.

Please understand, I make no excuse for what he did, especially in our house, on our home computer. But if every 24 year old-man who had looked at naked teenage girls were arrested we would have to build more jails.

The media crucified him. They called him a “pedophile,” “pervert” and a “child molester.” The reports talked about “kiddie-porn” and “sex-offender,” and “little girls.” (Our society encourages young girls to dress like sluts and then calls those who look at them perverts.)



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