STEMRealist #racist

Imagine that one day all humans get magically teleported to New Earth, leaving this planet to jigaboos. What will happen after that day (0 TH)? Within two years, most farms on this planet will be destroyed due to lack of management and because niggers will eat up all the seeds and not actually plant them at all. After that niggers will be back to eating whatever they can find in the wild. Computers and mobile phones will be useless within a short period of time due to extreme shortage of electricity.

Gas and heating oil will be swiftly used up because niggers really suck at refining crude oil and more importantly, maintaining their awful refineries and oil pipes. Planes and vehicles will be bricked within a short period of time due to absence of fuel and parts. Roads and railways will gradually be destroyed due to nigger inability and lack of supplies. Even the nig nations that used to be relatively rich such as barbados will be unable to fix their roads due to lack of supply. Modern buildings will gradually collapse because niggers won't have the appropriate supplies to maintain them.

Warfare will be funny. At first nigger nations will fight using planes and tanks. Then since niggers can't replace them they will resort to fighting using guns and grenades. Eventually niggers will run out of bullets..and then they will have to go back to using cold weapons exclusively.. Many nigger states will cease to exist simply because there will be no way to communicate between one end of a modern nig nation and another. Instead authority will be localized. What is now Congo may de facto become ten or more nations.



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