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RE: Thoughts on the effects of Tims in wlw spaces

( notsofreshfeeling )
I think men who make an effort to infiltrate WLW spaces are absolutely untrustworthy. Even if he hasn't creeped on anyone physically, he is collecting "intel" and studying the women like insects.

( Laurel )
Even if he's not studying how to do femininity better, he has no right to be there and he knows it. He is untrustworthy for that alone.

( mathlover )
They get off on being there. They are looking at us to see what they can try to (always ultimately unsuccessfully) imitate. But they also bring the male gaze and everything they see is masturbation material for later on.They get off on being there and forcing women to go along with the fantasy.

( dragonheart )
This! I feel like we don't talk about this enough. They come into these spaces to observe and as somebody who has been on the receiving end of it, it was so uncomfortable. The worst part is, if you dare call it out, you risk looking like the unreasonable one?

( woman_be_free )
Yeah 100% can relate to this. They observe. I had a TIM sit next to me sat night in a pub (he joined a meet up my friend ran so it gave him that permission to join our group). I noticed him in my space all night. Never spoke to me just stood there listening to our conversation. If that was a woman or a normal bloke I would have either included them or asked them to leave me alone. The problem is TIMs act like they have a mandate now as so many idiot handmaiden lesbian and bi women fawn over them. You’re entirely right - if you challenged their presence or behaviour (I.e . His staring) you would immediately be labelled transphobic. I’m always alert for them to start touching. TIMs behaviour usually worsens over time so I think their boundaries will too… I think it won’t be long before we start to see frequent episodes of TIMs touching women in bars. Sadly. Hopefully if that does happen, society is willing to accept it is assualt and a line will finally be drawn.

I’m always alert to potential touching, pls take care of yourself when very near a TIM

( shveya )
Yes, they change the entire vibe of the event because nobody can relax with porn-addled men making everyone walk on egg shells for them.

( TisTheSeason )
He was a man invading the space, whether he's friends with many of you or appears "fem" doesn't change that his action is hostile and you definitely register it as such.



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