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( @USCenturion )
The right will never do it, because they're too many cowards and most of them serve the regime. The left has been successful at having their people run as "Republicans", and have conservatives accept some of their beliefs (Accepting same sex marriage would be a good example or amnesty).

spoilerUntil the right is willing to do to its
enemies what the establishment is
doing to Bannon, to Trump, to the
Christian anti-abortion activists, it
will not have begun to fight. Not
only would it be justified in doing
so, it is necessary.

(@JamesTheJust4Me )

( @DahlHaus1776 )
@JamesTheJust4Me No kidding. I hear "republican" this and "conservative" that... and they rarely, if ever, identify as Americans! And these are supposed to be the other choice away from the communists? Sure, they'll be a token White Christian American allowed to enter office to placate the proles but the two-party #SheenyShuffle of ZOG is ultimately for "israel" first! And the rubes fall for it. Every. Single. Time!


( @onaturalia )
@USCenturion Don't hold your breath after the GOP takes back congress. I bet the border crisis will continue. Inflation will continue. Energy policies will continue. The great replacement will continue. Because the Jews are in charge. The minorities are in charge.

( @strahmjdgmailcom )
@USCenturion I do not and never will accept same sex marriage, it is an abomination to our Father and therefore it is to me the same!!

( @Yahoshua_Is_Messiah )
@USCenturion although the conservatives are the moral majority in America, unfortunately as we have seen morality does not equal intelligence or courage. Republicans are the most idiotic and cowardly bunch of people on this planet. The leftists and Communists are the evil side in this but they are smart and they are brave and they know how to wield power. Republicans just know how to give it up.

( @Silentdeadly1 )
@USCenturion - You'll never get a criminal to play by the law. You will lose EVERY time because criminals have no respect for the rule of law.



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