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I prayed over all 3 of my kids and my wife in this manner. My wife would be too frieked out if she were awake. As far as Christian music, I have played Christian music for a few years in their room and mine, but that didin't free them, it just gave him another good night of sleep. I want them gone and my son free from their wicked influence. He has heard voices, evil laugh, seen shadows, seen things move, seen things that weren't there. Hopefully, whatever was harrassing him is gone now.<b> He came in my room one night and heard me (as I slept) tell him to pick up mom (my wife). He picked her up a bit and saw a necklace. The necklace moved across my bed and then he heard an evil laugh. It could have been my voice as I slept as I am oppressed. They like to bother him when he comes in my room. They manipulate my voice when I sleep to scare him. They growl at him. </b>

My point is that you can cancel their legal rights to torment your children. When they are sleeping, say over them, I command any demons or unclean spirits attached to my son/daughter to leave now in the name of Jesus Christ. I remove anylegal rights that you have as I am his/her father/mother in the name of Jesus Christ. You MUST leave now, go in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and NEVER return.



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