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My daughter and I watched the movie, 'Heaven is for Real", and she started telling me about seeing the blue figure sitting on the dresser a few years ago, and seeing the shadow.. My oldest son also told me a few years ago where one morning when he and I were up, about 6 am, he saw a short black shadow pass into the living room, he said the dog turned and saw it as well,, I had thought perhaps at first it could have been a car passing down the street, but no, it was dark in the house, and at 6am in the morning we would have seen car lights on the wall, not a black shadow... he also has said that about 5 year or so ago , he felt his blankets being moved off of him while he was sleeping , he still remembers that... I myself do not see black shadows, but as a child I did see the spirits, from their true form, to seeing a black cat about 2 or 3 feet tall, seeing the little girl and boy standing in the door to my room, hearing noises such as my drawers on the back of my bed sliding open and close , I have woken up in the middle of the night a few years ago hearing someone call , mom, a couple times, as if someone were standing next to me, thinking it was one of my kids, but they were all asleep.. Also taking a nap and hearing what I thought was my kids calling me but when I got up they were all outside and not near the house.. My daughter, several years ago, when she was smaller, would have bad dreams, would wake up , crying, almost hard to comfort her, she would say things are too close, the room is too close, I had a hard time understanding what she meant, and why it was scaring her so much.. it would be hard to get her to rest again and at times when I would and she would lay back down , after a few minutes or so would wake back up crying again.. I cant recall her doing that for awhile now.. it was quite an ordeal even for me to see her go through that.. I feel almost like these things, monsters, have followed me to every house, residence, I have been to and lived at since I was a child and since seeing them as a child.. I used to not like to think about seeing them as a child, I would talk to God as a child, thinking I could not tell I saw them for if I did it would make it worse,, but I would sing songs to God, to Jesus, Jesus loves me, etc.. feeling it would make it better.. I remember after my grandmother died, when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I woke up in the night and saw her standing or floating at the end of my bed, with Jesus, both dressed in a white robe or gown, staring down at my mother lying in bed next to me, after seeing the monsters I would often go get my mother to come sleep with me.. then a few years later my mother died... I do believe it was Jesus I saw and my grandmother, perhaps my grandmother wanted to see her daughter after she died,, it has stayed with me all these years...
Thanks for the prayers.



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