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All Social Media is now awash with the flotsam & jetsam of a million different (MOSTLY uniformed) opinions on what is happening in Israel.

When people IN Israel aren’t even sure what’s happened or IS happening in Israel.

Allow me to give you some horribly useful advice about how YOU PERSONALLY should be processing this.

Key word = PROCESSING. Not reacting, not emotional, not biased or programmed as almost everything you’ve been seeing since that dastardly attack is sheer propaganda NARRATIVES designed to PUSH YOU where those Bastard Storytellers NEED you to be to pursue their Agendas with the support (SHUT YOUR MOUTH & GIMMEE YER MONEY!!) of an “informed” PUBLIC.
Rinse, repeat. Ad nauseum, AD INFINITUM.

Because they were mindlessly following him & giving no real PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY to the lessons he was trying to teach them.

I can tell you this as I WAS ONE OF THEM.

You think I’m about to say “do your own research!”


Most of the people who listen to or read me do that. Then you move to the next step of informing YOURSELF by embarking on a discernment Journey to acquire the very necessary MEDIA FILTER or you will forever find yourself sifting an endless Tsunami of digital diarrhea.

He also said USE YOUR BRAIN, COMMON SENSE & DISCERNMENT as your guide in this eminently fucked up World, awash in deception & corruption.

I am a hobby historian, the patterns & trends of which, I find highly useful.

Be your own programmer of someone else will be.

You’ll go to your grave only to discover the life you were meant to live was stolen from you, your TIME, ENERGY & all important FOCUS harvested by Demons.

On the X App at least 50 times a day I want to SCREAM “THINK!! THIIINK GODDAMMIT!!”

For faaar too many today, especially highly damaged young people. it’s already too late.

The Matrix has them.

Thanks to all of the DARK STORYTELLERS & Pied Pipers in the service of the Corporate Bloodlines “whispering” the human race into extinction.



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