The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild #crackpot #magick #ufo

That which is coming, Blossom, that which ‘This Event’ will bring with it, is of such Light. Such Energy change … for/of … ALL THAT IS. Both on and off Planet. This is why we have said ‘All eyes are on your Planet’ as it is part of the upliftment of everything … for everything is connected.

This LOVE LIGHT that is to sweep over, through and within, is of a magnitude that has not yet been experienced in such a way.

So, what will happen to the naughty folk?

Blossom, it is for one to understand that each and every one is playing a role … which we accept is hard to accept! The souls of many of such Beings will leave immediately via ‘disintegration’.

Excuse me?

Yes, Blossom, it shall be as if their physical Being literally crumbles and disintegrates.

Seriously? Truly? Really? For real?

Yes, for real Blossom. For the Energy that is carried within the entire body and soul of such ‘naughty folk’ is so ‘dis-eased’ that the Wave of Love … the Strength within it … will cause such Beings to crumble, for it cannot possibly survive within the Vibrational Frequency that the Wave brings.

Yet, to literally crumble? Oh, come now! Sounds more and more sci fi.

We understand that it all may sound farfetched … for your programming has been so ‘normalised’ and all thought of such happenings leads you to believe such things are only make-believe.

Ok. So, what happens to the soul when it leaves the body of a dark one?

That is a long and drawn-out tale. Such souls will be automatically whisked/directed to a place where there shall be atonement for their behaviour. It is law that what you do unto another you do unto yourself … and we ask that if you are able and advanced enough in thought and spirit, to send Love and Light to such souls. For although they have been a part of great darkness, at the same time, they chose to play that role … as LIFE in all its forms, twists and turns, continues on FOREVER.



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