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Serious It's actually surreal how much women lie about rape

I disagree with rape, I find it to be one of the scummiest things you can do as a person, but none of these humanoids ever get raped, like I seriously think EVER. It has to be like at least 96% of them that lie about it just to get something out of the guy. Women literally hit licks with this fucking lie all the time
>marry some dude
>stay married for like a month or six
>divorce him and take him to court for domestic abuse and rape
>get either half or all his shit

I will never understand these "people," they're such natural sociopaths it's actually chilling

What I imagine rape to be is a man tying up a woman, maybe holding a knife to her throat, and fucking her. Something really heinous like that. This almost never happens.

What women mean by rape is they had drunk sex with a sub8.




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