StardustDragonfly #fundie

I have went searching for my answer and I figured I should post it. Firstly no, it isnt possible for a human to become pregnant with an animals child. The reason I say no, is because womens eggs are different than other species, and so the semen from an animal will not enter a womans eggs. This, I have found out, really aggravates some women who are just way into beastiality. The many women who would "love to" have there animals child are plentiful, and a many would just "love to" have the chance to do so. I have even encountered some women (on the net) who have considered going to a veternarian and asking that thier eggs be replaced by a b---- eggs or another female animals eggs, just so they can have half-human half-animal babies. Cloning animals is bad. Cloning babies and having them artificially inseminated is worse. Having hybrid animal-humans out in this world is by far the most inhumane and unmoral thing I have ever heard of. What is wrong with people?



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