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No, the British were, as anyone who gone thru the private papers of our Presidential libaries knows, pressing the US to join the war...pleading actually for us to join in. There are also considerable archive papers on the US Jewish zionist leaders at the time also urging Roosevelt to war. Also the NYT archive contains many articles and editorial opinions of the Jewish groups urging the US to join the war.

However it was the Pearl Harbor attack that finally did it. So who can say....I think the US would have eventually anyway. What those who spend all their time spouting opinion instead of researching the documented facts don't know is how badly Europe was losing, would have fallen to Hitler except for 1) Russia coming in and 2) the US coming in ....they also don't understand that Eisenhower and many others had monumental fears from time to time that we (the allies) were going to lose and Europe was going to fall to Hitler. People fail to understand also what a force the German military was...the largest, most trained and disciplined the world had ever seen at the time and the world will never see again in a conventional army. It was a juggernaut, it rolled over east Europe like it was nothing.

To put the holocaust in perspective...over 75 million people were killed in WWII.....25 million of them Russian the same camps with Jews, 5 million non Jews, POWs mostly Russian soldiers, political dissents, Catholics and others termed undesirable; gays, the disabled, etc. were executed. After the war 2 million German ethnic Polish and others were expelled from eastern European countries. The ally records show 1 million + DP's (displaced persons) at the end of the war of which 460,00 were Jews.

Any time you put these facts in front of the whinning zio bots their reply is '''but they killed us just because we were Jews"....well they killed the gays and Catholics and Russians ''just because'' of what they too. So the Jews that think the war was 'all about them'' and are still whinning 65 later disgust me. They should show some graditude and kiss the world's ass for stopping Hitler or they would all be dead.

And the crap about how the US wouln't take in Jews, also a lie, the US admitted 140,000 Jews, took in more Jewish refugees than any other kind and more than any other country. It is actually quit easy to refute their myths and propaganda....simply go the revelant Presidential Libraries, the Library of Congress, the NYT archives, and History Commons for a start. As for Israel and the history of zionism and what they did in Palestine go to the British National Archives....for on the ground official reports of who did what. It will be an eye opener.



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