Total Imbecile #crackpot

[OP of "[Serious] I was meant to be a slave, we need slavery back"]

Im too beta for this life, I just want to lay in my bad all day, I hate going outside it fucking scares me so bad

I legit wish I was born a slave

My background/pheno is slavic so being a slave is literally in my blood

I was never meant to be free, its not in my genes, Im a follower, I was only meant to do what Im ordered because having too much freedom gives me anxiety

Go to school, get home, do homework, apply for college, I just love being told what to do and following a path laid out for me by someone else but you cant get a gf like this

At least as a slave I could blame my masters for not having a gf, right now I have nobody but myself to blame



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