Edmund_Kemper #sexist #crackpot incels.co

[SuicideFuel] this is what the future will be like. WARNING: SUIFUEL ENDMANKINDFUEL

*sub10 law will exist and even 9/10 chads will be incel
*saying hello to a woman will become illegal (unless you're gigachad)
*women will be allowed to be naked in public and if you even look you're a registered sex offender and given the death penalty
*accusing someone of rape will be enough proof to convict them and castrate them in public
*all politicians will be foids
*all bathrooms will be unisex and men and women will share the bathrooms together (people are now actually advocating for this i shit you not)
*the age of consent will be raised to 21 so will the age of majority and marriage age and porn age and predator hunters will confront men who fuck 18-20 year olds and they will be castrated in public
*freedom of speech will be gone
*the word "female" will be illegal



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