Mussert, A Wyatt Man and Mikemikev #racist

[From "Rightwiki talk:Community portal", section "Will NatAll75 get Kimmo Alm'd?"]


@A Wyatt Man
The recent edits ( ) on Metapedia concerning Adolf Hitler seem to indicate that they are going into an anti-Hitler direction, as explained by the main bureaucrat Upplysning on the talk page of Adolf Hitler on Metapedia (See: where the following is written "...that Hitler's actions were good. Lots of pro-Europeans that are not National Socialists disagree. "). Several positive-sounding statements about Adolf Hitler were removed from Metapedia's article on Adolf Hitler:


Thanks for this trenchant analysis. I notice NatAll75 is reducing activity and may be disillusioned. If one here can contact him that's good, otherwise it's not hard to infiltrate a sockpuppet and suggest a move.

He already knows about us since January ( ). He is of course welcome here.

I noticed he's not deleting or blanking as many of the articles we wrote as he used to. He deleted thousands.

Yes he did many wrong deletions. He deleted for example the article Perihelion, a crucial concept related to Einstein's plagiarism (Einstein plagiarized Gerber's equation, which is a formula for the shift in perihelion). If NatAll75 joins us, he has to accept that we are not narrow-minded, that we deal with a broad spectre of topics, not just things related to the National Alliance, William Pierce or Cosmotheism, but that we also have articles about Einstein, the moon landings, Christianity and various other topics.

From A Wyatt Man:

Metapedia appears to be run by Mossad and it's as if they blackmailed the people behind it. Nat85 has not long ago been going around removing stuff about how the Rothschild family pressured Britain into helping them create Israel. Cicero is the only person there adding content (which Kimmo is always deleting) and would be the best choice if we can get him.



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