RREEEEEEEEE #sexist #racist incels.co

RE: [RageFuel] [Giga Cuck warning] Daughter becomes a porn star,Reddit shames father for not allowing her to become a whore.

The peak of civilization, boys.

I hate Europeans so much. these faggots really think they have the best culture JFL

Yeah, they really do and they're idiots. "Look at how free we are!! We let our women dress and behave like whores do!! What?! You don't do that either?! You disgusting oppressor!!! They must be free too!" JFL at people with no honor.

don't your poeple dress little boys in women's clothes and force them to dance?

Nope, don't your people drink cow pisss and bother girls on Facebook for bobs and vagene?

I'm not Indian.
So... nope.

>Not Indian

Pick one, pajeet

There are pajets outside of India.

That means you're still an Indian, dumbass. Everyone who looks at you will say the same. I was born and raised in Europe but I don't go around saying I'm not Pakistani. Pajeet IQ strikes again.



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