Coding is coming #announcement

Evening folks, thought I should announce I'm going to be a bit more active next week as I've taken next week off to work on the site. My intention right now is to make a post in the morning with my todo list for the day and mark things off as I complete them. So, after getting off my ass and delivering the wife to work I'll make a post and get on my merry-ish way getting the site upgrades done. That said, I've been doing some work this week already to give myself some basis to star with and assuming I don't end my day in a complete shit place I'll be updating with any changes I make. Right now I have a list of core features which I'll detail as I'm working on them. Once I have those done, I'm taking a slacker day, I took a week's vacation for fuck's sake. Assuming I have some time left after that I'll be back with some of the more requested options I've had on the backburner, or get requested here.

I will note, I'm still watching the volunteers email and had someone volunteer this morning. I'm debating cutting it off, but I honestly don't see the point. If you want to help, hit that email.



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