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There is more news to contemplate today.
New points of interest and old points going away.
Some have been completely debunked
But still some resurface and recycle to flunk.
Sometimes you hear what’s been said before,
But maybe, just maybe there is more in store.
So try to expand on your own way of thinking
Have every intention to learn what they are seeking.
Not everything you hear, is a lie today.
You have to figure it out And find out why.
Learn to survive, and do more than just live with a lie.

Not just Survive, but learn how to Fly.
Fly to the top and push the Cabal off.
Send them to where no one can be found.
Elimination, evaporation, Rods of God, inbound !!!

With the armor of God, This world will be heard.
God bless all true patriots who haven’t said a word.
But continue to fight, every second of the day.
The silent warriors out there to finish their plans
The ones we call hero’s who do more than we demand.
These are the true Warriors of God, who never retreat.
But explode all the demons and evil from our earth underneath
The ones who will give all of humanity, New Freedom to keep.

God Bless you ALL and Thank God above….WWG1WGA…with love

#SAVETHECHILDREN….Save the world…and continue to pray. 🙏

TOMORROW… will never again be …. Just Another Day !!!



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