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[From "@Liv_F I can't wait to put your polluting ass in the gas chamber"]


What would be super cool would be if you, or any party hoping to form government in Canada, would make it not just expensive, but ILLEGAL to pollute in Canada. You know. Regulate stuff. The way you could if you wanted to (but apparently don't) #ClimateLeadersDontBuildPipelines
September 27, 2022

The left has weird ideas about "super-cool" things. Government regulation is many things but "super-cool" surely does not make the top 3000

You know what would be really cool? If guys like West Coast Lass didn't keep demanding that others be imprisoned for generic "offenses" such as "pollution"[…]
What does it mean to "pollute in Canada"?[…]
I'm sure Liv has no problem using this definition to declare CO2 a "pollutant", so we'll take his word for it[…]
If CO2 really is pollution, that can be used to regulate literally everything you do[…]
We can replace those cumbersome definitions with a much simpler one:

The OBPS applies to only one person: "West Coast Lass"

Now that we've established CO2 as a pollutant, and defined our target industry, what are the allowable amounts of CO2 we let this anti-freedom nutter consume? That's easy: everything. The moment Liv breathes, we nail his ass to the pavement Derek Chauvin style. The punishment as well cannot be a fine[…]
Jail obviously won't work either. For one thing, Liv will continue to breathe in jail[…]
So the answer is simple[…]
California gas chamber



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