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[From “Monday after Martin Luthor King day is "released from bail for MLK Day crimes day"”]

Martin Luthor King wanted to live in a world where his offspring would be judged for the content of their characters instead of their skin colour[…]
Niggers shouldn't have taken that deal because it actually comes out worse for them. While King's own spawn (at least the ones from women who know the identity of their rapist) aren't exactly shining white (ha) beacons on the hill, his fellow spear chuckers can't even reach that bar

We've been reliably told that the nigger is genetically incapable of living in a law abiding civilized manner. It's just not in their DNA[…]for them DNA just stands for "Dumb Nigger Arrested"[…]Take it away, Fani Willis:

Black women aren't perfect, and I'm sleeping with the unqualified prosecutor I hired, and I'm on a political mission to throw Trump in jail. But you've gotta ignore all that, let me continue to sin and violate all professional ethics

Okay, that was the NotTheBee summary of her comments but her point was literally that expecting a negress to follow the law is unacceptable[…]That thick black tar flowing through her veins instead of the red blood that human beings carry. That's what causes her to break the law even as she's acknowledging that she is indeed guilty[…]
Fani Willis DA uses race and gender to excuse misconduct

Yeah maybe stick to being judged by your skin colour. At least in that circumstance we can understand and sympathize that we were asking you to be a better person than you're genetically capable of

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[From “Ship those Niggers Injuns back”]

As[…]Edmonton and[…]Alberta duel over the cause of (welfare) and solution to (free pizza) homelessness, a curious thing happened[…]
They kept bringing up the jackpine savages who used to wander around this continent before Europe came along with civilization and actually built societies[…]
What on earth does Thomas and that lying sack of shit Littlechild have to do with homelessness in Edmonton? Edmonton is not part of any of the reservations[…]Treaty 6 actually tells them they are supposed to remain on their reserves[…]Same section where Her Majesty Queen Victoria agreed to give them the Residential Schools they were so interested in[…]
Every drunken Red Indian causing a problem within the City of Edmonton is to be punished, strictly mind you, by the white man[…]Cody Thomas and Willie Littlechild need to be told that their constituents are going to be held to a far higher standard than whites in accordance with the treaty they keep blathering (falsely) that we haven't been adhering[…]
We can similarly "extend" the rule about intoxication punishment to include intoxication from marijuana, opioids, pot, crack cocaine, and heroin: just like alcohol if we catch a Red Indian consuming it or otherwise under its influence in white man's territory, we shall punish them swiftly and harshly. More importantly, Litttlechild and Thomas must help us do so on punishment of execution[…]
If homelessness in Edmonton is being caused by Red Indians, then it only goes to show that we have been too kind and generous to them over the years and they need to shape up or be shipped 6 feet underground

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[From "More violent niggers murdering their superiors"]

Two black teenagers steal a car and go joyriding. They film themselves as they rear-end another vehicle, then spot a man bicycling along the side of the road. They deliberately run him over, killing him, as they film the murder, laughing

These savages are niggers. N-I-G-G-E-R-S. They loudly and proudly call themselves that in the video, so I find no reason we should ever dance around calling them anything but

Instead of "reparations", niggers like these need to be found, their throats slit in the public square, whites dance around their bodies and cheer, and then their mothers forced to sit in a chair Clockwork Orange style as they have to watch the video of it happening over and over and over again

Every single nigger who misbehaves like this, we repeat the exact same ceremony[…]
That same weekend, of course, was yet more citywide nigger violence in Alberta, this time in Calgary. Oh, and…uh…checks notes…Tel Aviv[…]
What are niggers from Eritrea doing in Tel Aviv? Don't they have enough trouble with sand niggers causing violence in Israel? Did they think to themselves that they were bored of this and why not import some O.G. negroes to perform the one task they seem uniquely capable of performing?[…]
Steyn of course is quick to point out that maybe niggers would be better behaved if we didn't keep telling them that behaving in a civilized manner in a civilized society is so white and therefore bad even though the superior white culture and standards of conduct are objectively better than what the niggers are replacing it with[…]
Of course, in the past week the infamous Gregoire Lake has been the site of another murder where no whites were involved: a Red Injun teenager found dead on the side of the road. No mealy mouthed "oh he died in a bike crash" headlines, of course

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[From “Oilers celebrate "Graham James was unfairly persecuted" night”]

Okay okay, technically it's Cocksucker Appreciation Night, but the general sentiment remains

At the same time that Hockey Canada is under fire for not doing enough to prevent men who like to molest little boys from being involved in the game, NHL teams like the Oilers are busy celebrating men who like to molest little boys and encouraging them to be part of the game

The story even quotes Kris Wells, the Grant Mac faggot who prefers to sodomize kids in the single digit range and obviously is very interested in spreading his message to kids at hockey games

Kristopher Wells likely molested more boys in 2023 than Graham James did in his entire career. And now he's hosting a theme night where hopefully they put one of those lisp-proof guards on the microphone (O Canada has relatively few "s" sounds, but when the U.S. anthem is sung the distortion during "broad sssstripesss and bright ssssstarssss" is going to be deafening)

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[From "@speaktruth2p0wr - All spending on "people with disabilities" is overspending by definition"]


Ontario has a $7.2 billion surplus specifically because they underspent on health, education, and social programs for people with disabilities
4:06 PM · Sep 16, 2022

I know that Mia is a liar. After all, she falsely claimed that Ontario "underspent" on health/education/etc. for "people with disabilities". We know it's a false claim because we know how much they've spent on these things, because we have the most recent provincial budget. But let's be more charitable and look at the 2022 budget [pdf] that Mia would have had access to at the time of her tweet

In 2022 the Ontario Government increased operational spending on healthcare (which we discussed last year) from $71B the previous year to $75.2B, an increase of 5.9%. To be fair, the only breakdown Ontario does is capital healthcare increases which doesn't specifically talk about cripples, but The Ottawa Hospital's "regional trauma centre" might have that built in[…]Similarly, education operational spending went up from $29.5B to $32.4B (a 9.8% increase), but nothing specifically about cripples. Children and Social Services, which includes things such as the Ontario Disability Support Program, had its budget also increased from $17.2 to $18.3 billion which is another 6.4% increase. For those keeping score, the Ontario government had planned for the coming year to spend an additional $8.2B (higher, one notes, than the $7.2B surplus being used to pay down less than 2% of the $428.6B in debt [pdf]) above last year on the three programs that Mia claims are "underspent": $125.9 billion dollars overall

Seeing as how the proper amount of spending is less than $0.50 per year, the government in fact is overspending by a factor of 250 billion

Ergo, Mia is lying about Doug Ford

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[From "Residential Schools have always been awesome; more people are waking up to that fact"]

A couple weeks ago on his podcast, Matt Walsh took on the "215 dead kids" hoax

Recently True North News, who has been (along with this blog) right on this file from the very beginning, just published a popular article about the "blood libel" caused by these fake claims about dead injun kids[…]

The Indian Residential School genocide claim, now repeated by many indigenous leaders, elders, knowledge keepers and ordinary folk, legions of non-indigenous people including Justin Trudeau, the head of the Roman Catholic Church[…]was invented many years earlier Protocols-style by a crackpot who has been selling snake oil by the bucketful to gullible indigenous and non-indigenous people alike for more than 30 years[…]

New York Post[…]again give their American audience important information[…]

“I don’t like to use the word hoax because it’s too strong but there are also too many falsehoods circulating about this issue with no evidence,” Jacques Rouillard, a professor emeritus in the Department of History at the Université de Montréal, told The Post[…]

We're still a long ways from perfect: few are still willing to even bend as slightly as Prof. Rouillard to even say "hey you can't seem to find any evidence", let alone to a much better statement that the Residential School System was an excellent idea well administered with minimal resources by highly dedicated and loyal public servants to achieve the noble if not genetically impossible task of improving the redskinned race of Mongolian rejects

Journey of a million miles begins with a single action of throwing shitty moccasins away and buying sensible hiking boots, yadda yadda yadda

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[From "The "C" in "CISN" stands for cuck"]

Remember when Jason Aldean came to Edmonton and it was a huge deal?[…]He's been a big deal in country music for about a decade now, and of course he was the act that was playing the Route 91 Harvest festival when Stephen Paddock shot the place up for reasons nobody ever really got that interested in discovering

Of course, many of you may only know him from the fact that a few weeks back one of his songs has been denounced as horribly racist

The song was released in May, though controversy was reignited when the country artist released the accompanying music video this month[…]

You might note that the article in question was from CISN 103.9, Edmonton's long-running country music FM station. When the Aldean story broke and the song climbed to the top of the charts, one of the first things I checked was CISN's recent playlist[…]
Not a single Jason Aldean song had been on their playlist[…]
I checked again yesterday and while there are actual Jason Aldean songs playing again, "Try That in a Small Town" is still not one of them[…]
This is CISN cowardly hiding from morons arguing in bad faith. The correct answer when somebody whines to you that "this song is racist" is "what did you say you retarded nigger? I can't hear you over this awesome† tune"

†It's worth noting you do this even if, as is the case here, the song isn't actually all that good. It's a Danish cartoon issue at this point: you play it loud if for no other reason than you're being instructed not to play it at all

There is only one acceptable thing to do in this situation: go to the CISN studio and try to murder the inhabitants with fire

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[From "Deport everybody who has moved to Canada since 1993"]

Editor's Note: this post got caught up in Draft status and was never published. In December 2015 the fake Syrian refugees weren't all in Canada, unfortunately by November 2016 they were and they've continued to drain the taxpayer ever since. The recent news that Canada set a new record for immigration in 2022 drives all the points in this post home even more

Shiny Pony has backed down from his ridiculous plan to import 25,000 "Syrian" "refugees" by the end of the year. The 25,000 total target, however, remains

There's so much wrong with it[…]I can summarize in a little detail


spoilerSoldiers:"Go to warzone. Leave women and children in safe country";refugees:"Go to safe country. Leave women and children in warzone"

Let's start at the end: these aren't Syrian refugees, this is an invading army. 72% of these "refugees" are adult males[…]I mentioned that Harper should really call the bluff on these refugees, and agree to take Shiny Pony's 25,000 refugees on the condition that Canada only bring in women with children[…]Sorry young Syrian men: you either fight to make your country civilized, or die in it. It turns out Shiny Pony almost did that: but he insisted that sodomites be included in the bill[…]
When leftists like Trudeau bleat about the poor Syrian refugees, they like to pretend that we get to swoop into refugee camps and pluck out the ones we want like parents buying their child a rabbit[…]
What, though, of those who legitimately pass the vetting process? What kind of people are being let into the country en masse? The answer is Middle Eastern gutter trash.

Not a single "Syrian" "refugee" should be allowed into the country. They are horrible people. They're physically diseased. They're mentally diseased

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[From "Why Wednesday's protest won't work"]

On this coming Wednesday, September 20th, an event called the "Million Person March" is being planned at every provincial legislature and at various schools across Canada†, to help protest against the evil sodomites and their sick agenda

I'm very very sorry that it's not going to be well attended

I've written about this before:

Commandment The Second: Conservative Rallies Shall Be On Weekends
Ezra's second mistake was having the rally on a Friday afternoon. Another problem with conservatives rallying is that the target audience are all industrious and hardworking people who work full-time (and often beyond) at real life jobs in the real life private sector. Unlike the lazy unproductive losers who inhabit public sector unionized jobs (and even private sector unionized jobs), they can't just tell work that they'll be taking the rest of the day off to go protest a coffee company's policy of advertising on their in-house TV network[…]

And indeed, I will not be attending the Million Person March, because it's at 9am on a Wednesday. I'll be at work[…]With the way rush hour traffic in Edmonton has been the last few weeks, depending on the location 5:30 would be difficult to swing

I understand that it's a school protest and meant to take place at schools during the time the kids being pushed pillow biting and chopping off tits as a positive lifestyle change, but by its very nature that provides the target protester a significant hurdle that we generally can't get out of[…]
Nor is the other reason it's at 9am, the student walkout, going to be as successful as you might hope and for much the same reason[…]
The evil poofters in our schools need to be fought with every weapon we have and stopped by any means we deem necessary. This is an absolutely essential fight and we cannot stop until they are completely and utterly destroyed

This event on September 20th won't achieve any of that

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[From "@10KZCelly - It's called being superior"]



That’s great and as you are an individual and you know what’s best for you. I know lots of scientists/engineers in biomed fields & space industry that would be great on tv but the reality is that they don’t want to be. There is no correlation there with underrepresentation

83 cents says otherwise in the USA; it’s worse the higher that women climb the ladder. Men simply make more in every profession no matter the experience, years of service, etc. many believe it starts when private companies don’t advertise pay when hiring
3:39 AM·Dec 7, 2022

They still keep bitching and lying about pay equity. It's the same thing chicks do about pretty much everything in life, from whether or not they spent too much money at the mall to how the car accident really happened. So it's really not surprising when it comes to their income versus their value to an employer they bitch and lie about that too

Hey, maybe that's why we don't pay you as much

Of course, the whole 83% thing has been disproven so badly so many times that the only reason these sluts keep bringing it up is because they are actively evil and not just retarded. There's the mathematical approach, the cultural approach [pdf], the economics approach, and my personal favourite: the "here you go you dumb slut, here's your extra money and whoops you accidentally got a metal pipe through your skull" approach

This was recently in the news again when FakePresident Biden got a supposed letter from a child complaining about the (fake) pay gap. Little Charlotte was very sad that "men are getting more money than girls". In addition to being guided by the feminist lie about the pay gap, one of the striking things that nobody seems to ever want to ask is why they are, and whether or not this should be celebrated

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[From “Whites invent the automobile. Nonwhites invent ways to steal automobiles”]

A sting operation in Toronto has caught numerous people who Sir John A. would have never allowed into the country over a massive insider theft ring that used their Service Ontario access to facilitate car theft

On an aside, I've often wondered why we don't help solve this problem by simply mandating a 100% inspection for all containers being shipped from Canada to Africa. Here's a handy hint: there's essentially no legitimate businesses that sell products in Canada which would be wanted by at the price range of any African. Every container shipping from Montreal to Tema is a car stolen by an imported nigger and sold to a yet-to-be-imported nigger. Fears about legitimately owned auto sales being stymied by this action are nonexistant. While the Service Ontario angle means this wouldn't completely solve the problem (not only would some registrations appear legitimate, Canada Border Services is probably similarly staffed with a fifth column of foreign operatives), it would put a major dent in it. If Canada and the United States both adopted this plan, it would definitely help matters along

Bonus comment: As ADD points out over at the SDA link, the same type of people could have access of the gun registry. Sure makes me glad that not a single one of mine is registered!

Bonus thought|/b]: As we've noted many a time before, it's interesting that when the crime is auto theft, the helpful advice of Toronto Police is to stop making yourself so tempting of a victim by doing stupid things like…never park your vehicle outdoors: when the crime is rape, you can't possibly suggest that the rape victim did anything wrong whatsoever

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[From "@storskuffelse - She 100% meets the easy definition of communist"]



Notley is a lying communist

You don't even know what the word communist means if you're using it like that

May 16, 2022

Communism is a socioeconomic system in which yadda yadda yadda, you know full well what it is and what it means

Peter King up here is upset that somebody accurately described the worldview of Rachel Arab as communist. She employs communists. She desires the end goal of the communist

However there's an easier way than heuristically parsing through her public statements to determine whether she is or is not a communist

Communists deserve to be thrown to their death out of helicopters. Rachel deserves to be killed. Ergo, Rachel and the NDP are communists

So when you come across them in public, treat them accordingly


spoilerPhotomontage of Rachel Notley having been brutally murdered

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[From "Worthless corrupt cops turn out to get funding after all"]

Years after municipal governments started living by the principles of #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfuckas, the resulting wave in crime and disorderly vagrants plaguing every corner of the metropolis have resulted in even an extreme leftist Edmonton City Council choosing to fund the police[…]
While the public is getting ever sicker of homeless bums causing vandalism and violence and societal decay in their wake, EPS is notoriously not interested in doing anything[…]
Precious leftwing governments in Ottawa have been responsible for the biggest cause of violence on the streets of Edmonton: worthless scumbags from shithole countries who should have been pelted with bullets when they tried to cross the border[…]
Back to Gerein and his "root causes", his reference to social workers of course doesn't talk about darkies in gangs shooting each other on our streets[…]
Homelessness[…]filling an ecological niche of sorts. Homeless will collect and spawn in accordance with the amount of food available, and the degree of predators to ween them out and/or scare them away. So has the City of Edmonton taken steps to cause the benefit to being homeless to increase?[…]
That's before we look at how the Red Indians who make up the vast majority of the homeless are constantly being thrown buckets of money which, thanks to the loss of the excellent Residential School system, they don't have the education (and never had the IQ) to spend it on anything but the kind of stuff that requires first responders to carry naloxone[…]
We could solve the homeless population pretty quickly, and that's before you sign onto my excellent poisoned pizza idea. We could stop supporting them[…]
In the meantime, we give them something to lose. Their life. And we shouldn't be feeling too bad about it, they are basically trying to commit suicide daily and we keep stopping them

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[From "@RJDavies_ - Agreed. Let's start with restoring more of the Canada of 1867"]



On July 1st, I will be proudly celebrating Canada's birthday because I love my country unconditionally. I guess I can't do that at the Forks because I've recently learned that it’s canceled
PS - I'm currently accepting invitations to all actual Canada Day parties

Loving one’s country would recognize that there is a lot of work to do to making Canada a much more just country
12:01 AM · 21 juin 2022

I'm sure we can all agree with Richard here that there's a lot that needs to be done to make Canada a more just society. For starters…
•Recriminalize sodomy
•Recriminalize abortion
•Remove all gun control
•Abolish public healthcare
•Abolish public education
•Repeal the Gladue decision
•Repeal the legislation which allowed for all Wuhan Flu restrictions
•Bring back the property ownership requirement for voting
•Rename "Canada Day" back to "Dominion Day"
I'm sure we can put our heads together and think of a few other…oh, no, wait, it turns out Ricard is a cowardly faggot who works for the Manitoba Liberal Party. Which means he's instead pushing for all the things which in fact make our country less fair…including blathering about "colonization" as if it's a bad thing and not the reason Canada is a country worth improving in the first place

[Used URL shortener to fit into the characters limit]

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[From "Happy "Red Indians Are Too Primitive to be Educated Day""]

It's been a full year since we first covered the ludicrous federally mandated day to believe in a lie: to wit, that the Indian Residential School System was anything other than a gloriously noble yet ultimately impossible attempt to fix the primitive thought patterns inherent in the stone aged-race that greeted early European discoverers when they landed on North America[…]
When the "215 dead kids" lie was first propagated, I was basically the lone voice[…]
There were no "mass graves" found. Or even "unmarked graves"[…]No evidence whatsoever that the Kamloops Residential School has any Injuns kids buried on or near the site whatsoever[…]
Using charged language[…], Kay (it's unclear how much he's studied this) speaks of "forcing children to leave their families and communities" when he's describing every boarding school ever. "Cruel (and sometimes even predatory) treatment" means…physical work and the strap. He'll discuss the death rate for Red Indian kids in Residential Schools but never bother with the word "tuberculosis"[…]
It's the Canadian equivalent of "yes yes blacks are treated so harshly by police but maybe don't burn cities down": "yes yes Injuns were mistreated and Residential Schools have exactly zero redeeming qualities but maybe just maybe try to do honest journalism on this small aspect of the story"[…]
So what else has changed a year later, if not my steadfast support for the Indian Residential School System and the belief we need to bring it back?[…]
Make sure to celebrate that same as last year: having to go to work to pay the taxes so that the same government who claims they are currently engaged in genocide gets to stay home or go surfing, before coming back to work Monday and wasting more and more of that money on the Red Indian people who[…]never rise to functioning members of a civilized society

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[From "how me on the Teddy Bear where the homo touched you (because we know 100.00% of them do it)"]

Today is the Stollery Hospital's Teddy Bear Run event, which is a good day to remind you all that they are run by a faggot, intent on pushing the evil sodomite agenda, and are actively engaged in seriously harming mentally ill children (which, like shit, is just a weird thing that faggots get turned on by)

It is not widely known that the Stollery Children's Hospital is home to the Stollery Children’s Transgender Clinic. In fact, no mention of this clinic is made on the hospital's website. However, the clinic was involved in a study published in Pediatrics on November 1, 2021 about children referred to gender clinics across Canada for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. The clinic has been in operation for several years now, as it was mentioned in the March 2017 edition of Alberta Street News by an Edmonton mother trying to access transition services for her underage son:[…]

When the Stolley talks about how they are dedicated to curing mental health, they certainly don't want you to know their role in making mental health problems worse by explicitly buying into the delusions of people with seriously damaged brains in need of repair

Why would they do such a thing? Oh, yeah, right....

Scott's husband and long-time partner, Douglas R. Stollery, also serves as an ARC Foundation Board Advisor. The son of Bob and Shirly Stollery, Douglas is the current president of The Stollery Charitable Foundation and the former director of the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation. He is also counsel to the law firm of Reynolds Mirth Richards & Farmer LLP

A proud child molester involved in the massive genital mutilation of thousands of kids? Who knew?

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[From "@CherylBozarth - thank you for your support to ban non-heterosexual acts and relationships"]



Same way mandates are a threat to the Canadian community

Public health measures are not a threat to anyone. How much disease & death is ok for you?
10:20 PM · Feb 17, 2022

If you ask Cheryl, once you declare anything a "public health measure" it stops being a threat and automatically becomes good public policy

Almost a year after her initial comment, we can see that indeed what we have been saying about the Wuhan Flu since March of 2020 has been validated, and her approach has not. "Disease and death" didn't take 2022 off, despite Shiny Pony and his evil enablers like Cheryl forcing millions to trade their human rights in order to push the (increasingly discredited) vaccines

However, there continues to be a horrible set of actions that people continue to undertake which puts their health at risk and causes unnecessary stress on our healthcare system (both acute and psychological). To take Cheryl's view, how much disease and death is okay?

Answer: none. And therefore sodomy and faggot relationships must be banned

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[From "@DanPriceSeattle - Have they tried being less inferior?"]


Black workers are 26% more likely to say they're treated fairly after going remote

I don't think we've fully come to grips with how much mental health damage office work has done to people who don't fit into the majority - black people, introverts, etc
7:53 PM · Aug 9, 2022

Negroes don't like going into the office. Every employer who's looked at the number of hours they put in has surely noticed this, but it's nice to have one of their "allies" point it out as well

The funny thing about "being treated fairly" is that a poorly performing employee being treated badly is fair...but not if you ask the employee in question. So on the face of it this survey doesn't tell you anything. Dan's claim is "making niggers do office work hurts their mental health", but the counter-claim that "niggers prefer remote work since they can slack off without being detected" is exactly as explainable from the data

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[From "@CerebroDeQueso_ This is why we can wear blackface without feeling bad"]


i saw a couple of gringxs criticizing Lizzo's rolling stone cover bc apparently she's appropriating our lady of guadalupe?

ok? our lady of guadalupe was/is a tool of colonialism. catholicism is shit. is its iconography becoming meaningless bc of "appropriation"? good
5:13PM·Jan 23, 2020

Last week the massive tub of human-shaped lard known as "Lizzo" (real name Melissa Jefferson, though if she legally changed it to that from "Pure Whipped Butter" I wouldn't be surprised), who spends 90% of her time claiming she's oppressed, spent the 10% of her time playing music in a one in a lifetime history opportunity: a classic flute created for President Madison's inauguration[…]
Many were disgusted by the performance, of an unslightly woman's ass begging men to please please fuck her or at least buy her lunch, and more than a few noticed the internal contradiction: the whole event certainly seemed like a lot of, oh, what's that word? Privilege. White male nobodies interested in playing the flute would be shot in the neck for trying to retrieve it, but the United States Government gives yet another negress special permission[…]
Incident that Cerebro references from 2020: Lizzo in hot water for cultural appropriation[…]
Cerebro performs a much-needed public service. He gives us a free excuse for when "cultural appropriation" is a bad thing: whenever the overarching culture is[…]
So go ahead and wear that blackface, then talk like the most stereotypical coon you can possibly imagine

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[From "Five years ago your lifestyle was evil, five years from now your lifestyle would be evil (but we all know what will take care of that problem for us)"]

One In A Million
Well, for the first time since 2018, sodomites are again taking to the streets to march to desperately try and convince you of the big lie: that they are "born that way" and didn't choose a disgusting lifestyle choice which they can be cured of

Which in theory should mean for the first time since 2018 I got to make the greatest semiannual joke in history:

I thought the AIDS Walk was in September!

Of course, for five years (something about trannies and police) the poofters couldn't figure out how to march without "excluding" somebody somehow[…]
The Evil Edmonton Uranists Club (EEUC, the same sound we make when they try to talk to us and those long "s" sounds leave spittle on our jacket) moved their thing from early June[…]
So yet again, they march, because when deep down you know your brain really is broken and the perversions you have adopted are unquestionably wrong and immoral, you have to seek and demand endless external validation before you decide that a life of ass piracy can only be cured with a sharp object pressed lovingly and firmly into your own wrists

The best part is, it's still not enough. San Fransisco, hide it as best they can, has one of the worst suicide rates in the Western world[…]Isn't enough to stop them from realizing they have made a wicked choice and choosing to escape it through the grave!

As is the case of all mental health problems, pederasty drives people to suicide. Cure the disease (or at least treat it: try to make them talk a tle less effeminately just for a fun change of pace), and then you solve the problem[…]
The more you march, the faster you die

Don't stop in the afternoon, keep walking until you hit Winnipeg. Then we'll need to worry no more about your sperm burping advocacy

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[From "CariWest 2023"]

After a few lockdown-closed years, the Edmonton Caribbean† Festival is back this year with a vengeance. Even the annual parade is back[…]
As is typical for the Caribbean Festival, if you think racial stereotypes are wrong and misguided your worldview gets absolutely destroyed, because every negative thing about niggers you ever thought (minus one glaring example) comes true[…]
Let's start with the parade despite the parade not starting. It's been over a decade that I've been pointing out that the race notorious for always being late for work (and/or slow drivers) also can't start a parade within half an hour of the widely agreed and published start time[…]
On top of that, both at the grounds and annoyingly on the parade path itself were numerous examples of the "Blacks and the Domination of Social Space" effect I recently reposted after the original source was scrubbed from the internet[…]
The one thing that was conspicuously absent from this and most CariWest festivals: why is it when the second-most violent of all races stops being violent when you throw all of them together in a giant pile? I honestly don't (yet) have a strong answer to this, but the theory that you know that if another nigger wants to kill you, you stay away from the festival its 99.999% likely he will attend[…]
Since we just covered the one stereotype that got skipped, let's switch to the next one that didn't: blacks have incredibly poor governance and organizational skills, possibly related to them being literally retarded[…]
For all the issues though, it's good to see another of Edmonton's festivals come back to normal

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[From "@livv_idd - Some of these "ancient sovereign entities" are newer than Rhode Island"]



First Nations are supposed to have first right of refusal when it comes to the sales of crown land, and the Sask Party refuses to abide by that

So frustrating when ancient sovereign entities with clearly defined cultural uniqueness and historic rights are bullied by intrusive prov govt rules that destroy their autonomy. These people need a Paper that’s not White
10:58 PM · Oct 12, 2022

As you should know by now, Red Indians don't have "historic rights" other than a bunch of rules which require them to stay on their specially set aside tracts of land. Archie's claim that Crown land has to be sold to Injuns first is complete bullshit and nowhere mentioned in the treaties

Fortunately, superior white cultural learned how to make white paper and use it to discuss public policies and the pros and cons. Scott Moe is sufficiently non-squishy to utilize this wonder ability which white societies developed (and, relatedly, found this almost-empty continent and built civilizations on it)

In 1905, Saskatchewan was created out of a section of land owned by lazy Red Indians The Hudson's Bay Company. Woke losers might wish it wasn't, but it was

Meanwhile as we've noted before these "ancient sovereign entities" is complete and utter bullshit. Nobody who was in Saskatchewan in 1491 was "indigenous" to it. Indeed one of Keen's "ancient entities" would presumably be the Métis who Red Indian activists insist need to be granted special rights even though literally by definition white people were here first

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[From "Bell Let's Talk 2023"; MAiD stands for "Medical Assistance in Dying"]

In a few days we're going to look back at some Bell Let's Talk classics, but this year what many have noted was that MAiD (which was still a thing in 2018, it didn't get much press including on this blog) is now a big thing not just for invalids with terminal cancer but anybody who just feels really really bad

And since I've noted many a time before that the whole "focus on mental health" is just smokescreen for sodomites to try and validate the deep sense of dread they feel as they on some level understand that their lifestyle choice was wicked and it makes them an inferior person, it stands to reason that if MAiD really is a perfectly okay option to resolve mental health problems, why can't we just cut out the middleman and just have tens of thousands of people honestly divulging to the fags in their life that the two options are conversion therapy or self-removal?

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[From "Faggot loving pansy man unable to keep his wife satisfied like the pathetic piece of shit he is"]

The big news today is that Rat Bastard 2.0, as pretty much every conservative pundit has known for almost four years while the far-left media denied it at every turn, is now officially divorcing from the future Mrs. Idris Elba

The couple, who’ve been the faces of numerous glossy magazine covers, released a statement saying they made this decision “after much thought and careful consideration.” The statement seems in stark contrast to the confident image Trudeau has continuously cultivated both during his campaign and tenure as Prime Minister[…]

As many (including Beaxte) have pointed out, when Rat Bastard 2.0 doesn't give two shits about our desire for privacy or freedom from snooping government agents, then he and his slutty ex-wife and his genetically poisoned spawn don't get nor deserve the smallest ounce of privacy in return[…]
And with the final word, as always, the newspaper of record: At publishing time, the Canadian press was mourning what has been deemed a terrible setback for interracial marriage in Canada

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[From "What killed Damar Hamlim and Uche Nwaneri?"]

Over the weekend the major story (other than this 2023 thing) was that Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlim suffered a fatal possibly fatal heart attack during a football game

CPR was administered to Hamlin, 24, on the field for multiple minutes after he collapsed following his tackle of Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins[…]

Now at this time, we don't know what killed nearly and/or possibly killed Damar Hamlim. It's certainly odd for a 24 year old to suffer a heart attack, let alone a 24 year old pro athlete. Could it have been caused by the impact, and absolutely positively nothing else? Yeah, it could

It wasn't a heart attack, but an arena football player died after making a tackle in 2005. Heart problems were identified as a major risk among soccer players in 2018[…]
There could be other factors at play. Armond Armstead won the 100th Grey Cup for the Toronto Argos after almost dying from a heart attack in college possibly linked to the painkiller Toradol[…]
Mechanisms that could cause a heart attack just from a hit have been the topic of a 2014 study. It doesn't have to be a side effect of the COVID vaccine

But yeah, it could easily be the COVID vaccine. It could easily not, of course, but therein lies a couple of problems

Firstly[…]the medical profession has already been caught on numerous occasions refusing to come clean about vaccine risks and side effects. In Canada[…]medical professionals have refused to fill out the AEFI forms required to officially document vaccine side effects[…]
Totally unrelated: Just a couple days ago another American football player died of a heart attack. Uche Nwaneri was 38, and hadn't played since 2014, so like many negroes he may not have been vaccinated

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[From "@MerleMerlot - By your logic we're about to have a lot of negroes in jail"]



A 23-year-old Mississippi man has been charged with a federal hate crime after burning a cross to threaten a Black family, according to the U.S. Justice Department

Put him and his parent(s) in jail
Sep 28,2002

When one of the rare instances of an actual anti-black hate crime occurs in the United States (possibly the only one in 2022!), fudge packer MM here wants the suspects parents similarly imprisoned. Okayyy…

What's the logic here? Sins of the father coming back into the world? Or just that he wants the whole bloodline locked up?

In either case, let's continue playing this game shall we? This tweet was made September 28th 2022, let's see what other crime stories in America occurred on that date shall we?

28 year old Martre Tirik Oliver was arrested the night before on a murder charge in Portland. We can't throw his brother in jail (guess who the victim was), but we can throw both of his nigger parents into the prison alongside him, right?[…]
September 28th saw three niggers charged for armed robbery in Chicago: two of the niggers were in their early 20s, a third was only 12 years old. Okay so we only get to have eight people in jail under MM's rules…though wait, I'm confused: if we can now jail parents for what their adult children did can we also jail underage children for what they did? Or does this rule only apply to those 18 and over?[…]
Now let's end with a heartwarming reminder of what happens when you let a nigger out of jail for any reason: he's back trying to rape and abduct multiple woman within 24 hours[…]
Thanks, MerleMerlot! You may be a scumbag sodomite, but you've at least figured out a way that we can cut back on crime by putting more niggers behind bars

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[From "@MostafaSweed123 - So I can only offer spousal benefits to heterosexual employees?"]


Lmfao why you so salty pride month exists? Queer people still leaving y'all alone. The same can't be said the other way around…
Of courses, pride is also literally about queer people's struggle to be left tf alone too lmao that's all June 2, 2022

Sodomites are leaving me alone? Sweet! So I can hold a nice straight pride march in Boston without incident, as they are now leaving me alone? As the post title asks can I only offer spousal benefits to heterosexual employees without incident, as they are now leaving me alone? Can I have my local sidewalk painted with a giant "LEV 20:13" using municipal tax money and not have to worry, as they are now leaving me alone?

No? Can't have any of these things?

Well in that case, I will continue to tell every uranist I meet that their lifestyle choice is evil, conversion therapy can and should be used to cure them, and that since they aren't keen on leaving me alone (as all the broken fingers I've had to impart after being inappropriately touched by them can attest) I won't be returning the favour

This Mostafa chick is just too slow to understand justifiable "saltiness"

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[From "@k_govers no it doesn't (and this isn't one of them anyways)"]



Order in this sense means 'peasants should know their place'. Liberty includes freedom of speech. For all

Canadians have freedom of expression. And it has, by it’s very nature, limitations. If you don’t understand that you create anarchy
12:37AM·Aug 28,2022

A couple months ago worthless cunt Christina Freeland was accosted by an angry man in Grande Prairie

That's it. That's all

He didn't lay a hand on her even though he'd be justified in beating her to death with a lead pipe

He didn't say he would physically harm her even though he'd be justified in beating her to death with a lead pipe

He just yelled at her[…]He left out the lead pipe bit, but nobody's perfect[…]
After years of gleefully participating in a government which denies its citizens fundamental human rights, one guy gets in Freeland's grill and suddenly it doesn't fall within freedom of expression? This is exactly what freedom of expression was created for. These "limitations" Kees thinks he's creating are to stop citizens who have to endure the impact of Freeland's public policy nonsense from speaking out against it. That's tyranny and we want no part in it: that's why he was mad at her in the first place!

(It's worth noting of course this was all theatre: it turns out Govers is okay with actual violence when "the cause" is just. Well that guy in GP's cause is far superior in every way to the #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker movement and therefore those same tactics times 1000000000 are all on the table)

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[From "@scwrconfi - And every ounce of it is deserved"]


Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law fuels anti-LGBTQ hate onlinehttps://t.co/Qo0z26441t
August 12, 2022

Earlier this year Florida enacted legislation which banned public school teachers from pushing their evil sodomite agenda on kids[…]
Uranists working in elementary schools who want to borrow a page from Kris Well's playbook and recruit some nice 8 year olds who can be persuaded to suck dick are out of luck[…]
As is usual when the truth of their sick lifestyle comes up, the ass pirates…well, lied[…]
Could you believe that the mainstream media coverage of this bill concentrated on the backlash rather than any evaluation of the cost/benefit ratio (or indeed whether or not it went far enough)?

Research that analyzed social media posts finds that hateful references to gays, lesbians and other LGBTQ people surged[…]
References to pedophiles and “grooming” rose by more than 400 percent in the month after Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” measure was approved[…]

AP already is giving away their biases in favour of this unacceptable lifestyle choice which can be cured (which is why the cure is banned): "hateful references" include things like…the true statement that any particular faggot you look at is guilty of molesting children[…]
It's worth noting of course that the AP article makes it sound like nobody who opposes this sick agenda to molest children (which is of course how faggots reproduce) was willing to go on the record[…]
The entire sodomite agenda is based on a fundamental pair of lies: that they are "born with" their disgusting desires and that there's nothing wrong with them polluting the planet by acting upon them

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[From "@BeverlyBain13 - I can't wait to read about how the vestiges of a great civilization collapse when an inferior people try operating them"]


So proud of myself have not turned on the TV or radio once since “that”event. Busy writing about anti- colonial uprising in the Caribbean. It feels like a more appropriate option in this moment. @refusalofempire
6:41PM·Sep 9, 2022

"The event" which Miss Bain (let's all admit right now she hasn't found a nice man and settled down under the bonds of holy matrimony) refers to was the tragic death last month of our beloved Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II

Instead she's writing about the continued movement, based of course on retarded idiocy (as so many things her kind promotes are, of course), to leave the sensible Constitutional Monarchy which the British Empire in its infinite wisdom blessed so many of its realms with and replace them with republics, which with a tiny number of exceptions have all become completely botched and undesirable shitholes within a generation or two

Barbados fell into darkness earlier this year, and nigger activists in other countries are working hard to replicate that process (especially before another example goes tits-up and even the dumbest nigger in Jamaica starts wondering if any of this is worth it)

You just know that as Bain writes about these "uprisings" she won't dare mention what happened when Her Royal Highness had to endure a variety of similar uprisings by niggers this time still back in niggerland. Let's go through a quick summary:
[Lists of Black-majority countries along with dreadful facts]
The common theme I want you to observe here is that one certainly can't lay the blame of these countries' misfortunes on "colonialism". Even if colonialism were a bad thing (and it ain't), it was clearly a superior system to the Afro-Marxism nightmare that came next

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[From "@ravinCanadin - No other explanations, eh?"]



Indigenous people experience some of the worst racism in this country. If you're going to address this issue, address it for everyone @JustinTrudeau

Totally and especially in systemic ways. I see it first hand in downtown Calgary working nightshift, anecdotal speaking, an extremely disproportionate amount of people battling homelessness and addiction seem to be indigenous

April 30, 2022

From all accounts Jadon is a fairly conservative guy, so I hope he takes this criticism well: but you don't play on their terms

Which means you don't claim that systemic racism exists against anybody other than whites, because you can't point to a single system which is racist in this way (which seems a pretty first-principles sort of approach)

While the second half of his tweet is pretty accurate, that doesn't even remotely tie into the first half. Personal failings tied to the reliance on a 20,000 year behind-the-times culture combined with a genetic inability to handle alcohol can equally explain what you're seeing on Calgary's streets. It's a less comfortable conclusion since it doesn't allow for white self-flagellation on an industrial scale, but it actually has more evidence in its favour than what Jadon and Melissa are talking about

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[From "Happy Dominion Day"]

It's Dominion Day again, the day that we celebrate the British for coming to this basically empty continent, ending the savage practices on the land which had uniquely been unchanged since the Ice Age, conquering the despicable French who thought having a decent wine selection made them a legitimate culture, and creating the bountiful lands we see before us

I know, I know, a useless tit of a Liberal renamed it Canada Day and as you'll recall from last week more useless tits with Liberal memberships in their fellow poofter's asses want to rename it yet again

As always though we stand ready to celebrate our great British Colony and everything it achieved (and mourning the few things it failed)

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[From "Edmonton police officers shot and killed"]

Early this morning, two Edmonton police officers were shot and killed over by Westmount

Obviously details are sketchy, and more will be learned in the forthcoming hours/days/months. Early reports are that it was a domestic call

The only thing of note is already the mainstream media can't mention the story without referencing the last EPS officer shot and killed. Before it gets too much traction, remember that Daniel Woodall was an evil faggot who was pushing the radical sodomite agenda when he died, and we should never feel bad about his righteous punishment

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[From "It's okay to be white (any other colour is up for some debate)"]

Greg Hood discusses why Scott Adams got in so much trouble for saying "Ethnic Group A should stay away from Ethnic Group Y if huge swathes of Group Y believe Group A shouldn't exist"

What has happened to Mr. Adams is why many whites are afraid to take their own side or even point out racial double standards. Whites do share some of the blame. However, it’s not just white “suicide.” An abused group may share some responsibility for collaborating with the abuser, but it is not entirely to blame[…]

Hood tries to say however that Adams misunderstood the Rasmussen poll by pointing out that a strict mathematical majority of negores think whitey is okay[…]
I'm not sure that this should be taken as small comfort. "Only" 46% of niggers think its okay that you be you. When even 1% of people don't think that trannies, who have complete control over who they are, should be 'okay' with being who they claim to be its some sort of murderous health crisis, but it being even money that any nigger you come across thinks that your own innate racial makeup is acceptable must surely present some sort of issue

It's roughly parallel to how the Derka-Derkas feel about murdering in the name of their child molesting Satanic Prophet mohammed (worms be upon him as God damned him and his followers to burn in hell). Left-wing extremists like University of Ottawa's Stuart Chambers say "don't worry" about finding out that 10% of Muslims in your home country are okay with mass murder[…]
46% is a shockingly large number. That means more than 1 out of every 20 Americans is a threat to white people. Seems more important of a story than a cartoonist making a rational suggestion based on that fact

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[From "The Civil War saw brother face off against brutha"]

Over at The Atlantic (try not to be shocked), nigger activist Clint Smith has a ridiculous article about how Confederate gravesites aren't black enough, or something[…]
What's wrong with refusing to grapple? After all, as we've covered before, slavery is not some unique thing that white Americans did to blacks. Slavery was a thing the world over where a superior conquering nation took the people from the inferior conquered nation and put them to work. I'm truly sorry to whiners like Clint Smith that his ancestors were so inferior that they became history's punching bag[…]
Niggers really like latching onto this "treason" thing about the War Between the States (and they really should try looking in a mirror). Of course, one of the...what's the word....well-documented thing about the Reconstruction Era is that literally nobody considered the Confederate cause to be "treason"[…]
As many have noted before, of course, the prevailing attitude in the southern States regarding what legislation should be applicable regarding slavery was that it was up to the citizens of those states to decide[…]
So he shouldn't be surprised that a large number of southerners, whether sympathetic or opposed to slavery, took issue during the Civil War based on the principle of states' rights: they were acting lock-step in favour of men like Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Parker[…]
For another, despite the occasional Yankee carpetbagger the whole point of the Reconstruction South was...what's the word?...oh yes, reconstruction. Being upset at the Confederate Battle Flag being flown alongside the 1950s United States Flag would be like anger over the British and French flags being flown alongside[…]
That the Civil War wasn't "slavery bad people fighting slavery good people" is partly why Reconstruction was so successful and why the South didn't turn into a guerilla quadmire

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[From "@rollforlearning - The best people in your schools are represented and instead you are disgustingly shaming them"]



I have a question for you since I had to google what the heck that was. Are you wanting books about that for kids who live with it or so all kids can learn about it? Why would kids not exposed to that lifestyle ever need to learn about it? Math?spelling? Writing?

On the off chance that you are engaging in good faith or someone else who is may see it:

We have polyam families in our schools. Their families deserve to be represented. They shouldn't feel like there's something shameful about having more than two parents in their home

Evil dyke (but I'm repeating myself) Shawna is very concerned that children whose parents are swingers aren't going to be "fairly represented" in schools, unless their textbooks and other resources reference (positively, of course) their perverted lifestyle

As you might have guessed, endorsing an unacceptable perversion is certainly on-brand for Shawna and her ilk. Thinking that these nutters "deserve" representation is equally predictable, even though it's wrong[…]Clearly she's incapable of actual "good faith" engaging, but if she were she should be required to answer this question:

You have kids with socially conservative families in our schools, so how are you representing them with your books and practices?

Unlike uranists and trannies and swingers,we actually have a solid moral and intellectual foundation to our lifestyle. I guarantee that Shawna's "equity library" doesn't have anything by Ted Byfield or Rod Dreher or Jonathon Van Maren

So why don't the children with the highest calibre of family get their representation? Why is Shawna only promoting illegitimate lifestyle choices?

Oh, right: self-preservation

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[From "@cinefeminism - We already know Jews murder prophets and wallets, but babies too?"]


spoiler@RavBogard: "This 6-3 Court seems to almost exclusively prioritize 'religious liberty'. And so I want to be clear: laws that prevent Jewish trans kids from transitioning are a violation of their 1st Amendment rights, and an imposition of governmental Christianity on me and my family

@cinefeminism: "Absolutely. Same goes for their (Christians) views on abortion"

Fake Rabbi Dan Bogard pretends to be religious in order to push his far-left agenda (and keep him and his wife in the nws)

Nicole Morse is a mentally ill chick who thinks that "Thou Shalt Not Murder" is a New Testament creation

Together, they (falsely) make Judaism a religion deserving of being permanently wiped off the map

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[From "@Leenintome2 - Nobody associated tiny negresses with wholesome outdoor activities"]



Nope. Not for a second

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t occurring because of your own limited experience of the word as a slur. Once it’s known hard to think it doesn’t matter for organization and it’s ability to attract girls & their families
2:32PM·Nov 17, 2022

Last year, another organization tried very hard to have the stupidest overreaction ever to a random ugly nigger dying of COVID while a cop kneeled on his back: this time it was the Girl Guides of Canada, who removed the word "Brownie" because apparently one human being on earth heard that name and didn't only think of a bad sexual pun regarding baked goods[…]
In the real world, angry parents who sacrificed and volunteered for the organization (the few at least who hadn't already left in disgust after little boys in dresses were allowed to join) stormed out and refused to darken their door again[…]
Surprise surprise, the nonwhites aren't particularly interested in being part of the organization. Like in politics or in sports, groups might not want to chase away their loyal supporters to bring in new people who won't come anyways

So far the number of blacks and actual brownies who want to send their daughters in pursuit of Lares and Kelpie badges is completely unaffected by the name change. So until they start offering merit badges for violent assault or faking hate crimes, the number of niggers in the Girl Guides probably isn't going to be benefiting the change

Hey, wait....

#NigGirlGuides has quite the ring to it!

They should have gone with that