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[Venting] Time to be honest: I'm extremely angry and unable to come to terms with the defeat that women have handed to men.

Let us not be fooled by any illusion here: after 70 years of relentless activism, women handed us a spectacularly crushing defeat. And now, after having subjugated us, they've completely remade society in their gynocentrism and matriarchy. They've dismantled religion and rationality, established massive control over the sexual marketplace, and coerced weak men into accepting prostitution as normal which has allowed them to rapidly accumulate wealth from socially and sexually starved men. No longer do women need a provider; they can provide for themselves through their whoredom. And now, as a result of all these changes, women have completely devalued men and reduced them to slave status.

They've handed us a brutal defeat, and they'll defeat us again when they crush Trump's uprising against gynocentrism. We aren't just losing, we have already lost in massively brutal fashion and it is something I can't seem to digest. It makes me angry. It boils my blood. Women's rule has been horrific to society; it has taken us back to hunter-gather style of behavioral dynamics with mob mentality and rioting. Our civilization is collapsing so rapidly, that the changes are noticeable from week to week! I just can't bear this. I would've roped had it not been for my anger and unwillingness to submit to this inferior gender.

but nobody will follow me, at best i will just end in jail accused as a terrorist.

They will not follow you or me into staging an uprising because they are low T, feminized, and brainwashed from early childhood into accepting the matriarchy as a just system. To them, our masculinity is inherently toxic and therefore needs to be kept it check.



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