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Spain passed a bill that allows anyone to legally change their gender, without any requirement. Literally zero requirements. Feminists all across the country are protesting the law, claiming that "many men will legally change their gender".

Remember how feminists successfully lobbied against a gender neutral definition of rape, claiming that men would use it to accuse women of rape? This is the same.

Somehow a moral panic because it pokes more holes in all their fictional theories.

I have no idea how people permit these demented feminists to influence laws and rules based on blatant delusions and a large tendency to ignore actual facts (Like how men are actually the most fucked up and vilefied gender on the western world by most important metrics like suicide rate, homelessness, job related deaths, etc.). Sometimes all this seems so surreal to me when I think about it. The mass mental gymnastics and double standards that come into play here are almost dystopian. Women on the western world are in such a comfortable position that they actually lack real issue's to complain about, and since there is a shortage of real issue's to "fix" then it is time for feminists to create some just like "mansplaining", "maninterrupting", "manspreading", "the air conditioner is sexist against women", "buildings are sexist against women", etc. I am truly disgusted by modern society and tired, very tired.

What makes me laugh the most are the feminists who always insisted 'women are as physically as strong and tough as men', who are now screaming from the rooftops at the idea that men will be able to compete with women in sports cos they know they are going to get their ASSES kicked



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