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your choice to serve a different lord is your business. I wonder what your lord has done for you or where you actually get your guidance from on a day to day basis. It obviously isn't the Bible since you are so ignorant of It and have done very little study and made very little effort to understand the Truth found in the Bible. I can't help but be amused at all of the God-haters who tend to use His Book as a reason to prove He is not the right God for them or anyone. You keep serving your lord (Satan) and we will keep serving ours and when you go into eternity kicking and screaming from fear because you have no earthly clue about eternity and the outcome based on your pitiful life and arrogant hatred for God and His Son, Jesus Christ, you will be given all the time you want to remember all of the vitriolic comments that you have made regarding God and His Son. Your eternal life will be nothing like your life here. Good luck.



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