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SJW Pope goes full-On gynocentric claiming that "the church is a mother" and that "To Hurt a Woman Is to Insult God"

He stopped just short of saying women are sacred. Wait till mothers' day, when he will probably declare that God is a woman and that men were created by Satan.

To hurt your fellow man is also to insult God.

Well, it used to be but these days nobody gives a shit about men, not even God!

The church being a refered to as a feminine entity has been a point in christianity since the beginning

First, it IS new because the context has changed. Calling it a mother in patriarchal times was just being nice to the wominz, calling it a mother in feminist times is taking a shit on men.

Also, nice of you to leave out all the other gynocentrism, like his glorification of mothers as if they are angels on earth.

It was always mother church

So it was always tainted by gynocentrism. Now it's worse, because times have changed and so the meaning has changed.



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