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NEVER forget the way the illegitimate Biden regime treated us the last 2-3 years...

@vaccineregrets Never forget how we’ve been lied to for 80+ years

@vaccineregrets I won't forget. I want all of them to die.

@Kottonballs @vaccineregrets TRUST THE JESUS PLAN , FELLOW WHITE ,,,,, WE ARE WINNING

@vaccineregrets The words “vaccinated” and “unvaccinated” are in the wrong paragraphs. Then it makes sense.


Not only was the Biden administrative dictatorial and un-American in their bearing and influence, but the whole notion of forced vaccinations was illogical and contrary to statements even Dr. Faucenstein had openly made, acknowledging the mRNA injections did not prevent spread.

The whole thing was illogical - openly illogical.

We must acknowledge how far many in our country have fallen, how much darkness lies over the minds of our citizens, as well as how corrupt the Corporate News Media, CDC and FDA are.

The country belongs to We The People, not the FDA, CDC, FBI or any other corrupt, self-serving bureaucracy.

@vaccineregrets I lost my job. I will never forgive him for what I was put through.



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