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First of all, I do not watch TV nor do I have it in my home. So I will not be watching the Jew murder fantasy called “Hunters,” which is set to premier tonight (21 February) on Amazon Prime.

I have seen several trailers for the production on social media, and from what I can gather, “Hunters” is a filthy piece of sadistic trash aimed at any White person (i.e. Nazi) who dares to stand up for their own interest and that of their race. Al Pacino plays a sort of Jew “Godfather” who oversees a campaign of murder against Nazis in America in the 1970s.

Because Jews control the media, there is no danger of “Hunters” being de-platformed as “hate.” In fact, those who speak out against this crude piece of vile anti-White propaganda are the ones likely to lose access to social media, among other things.

Having studied Jew behavior for many years, I can say with assurance that there is not another group more hypocritical nor prone to telling lies. After all, Christ Himself called them liars and children of the father of lies (Satan) in John 8:44. Their modus operandi for the last 2000 years has been to play the victim, accusing their enemies (chiefly White Christians) of doing to them (Jews) what they themselves plan on doing to Whites.

Jews justify violence against Whites by the following “logic:” Jews are perpetual victims; therefore, Jews must be in control of institutions to avoid being victimized again. In order to assure safety from victimization, Jews can proactively seek to use their power to neutralize/destroy all threats.

The Holocaust, the world’s biggest and most lucrative con game, has become a religion in the West, Auschwitz taking the place of Calvary and the eternally-victimized Jew taking the place of Christ. The Holocaust has been used to cover a multitude of Jew sins, from the Holodomor (a true holocaust) to the current attempt to destroy all White countries through massive non-White immigration and the demonization of Whites who oppose such as “White nationalists” or White supremacists.” In the end, the Jew does to you exactly what he accuses you of having done to him. So when he speaks of a real holocaust, you can be sure that he intends for you to be the victim, White Man.

“Hunters,” if the tables were turned and we could actually have a production in which heroic Whites tortured and killed, say, Satanic Jew pedophiles, the US government, the EU, NATO, and God only knows what other “authorities” would be mobilized to protect Jews and bring to “justice” the show’s producers. But because Jews control the media and can always count on playing the victim card successfully, there are no negative consequences for them in putting their blood-soaked fantasies before a public who largely has no idea of the difference between fact and fiction, morality and immorality, and good and evil.

The Narrative the Jew has created over the past century is a web of lies, and “Hunters” is just the latest iteration of that diabolical campaign against what remains of White Christendom. Whites would be well advised to understand just what organized Jewry has in store for them and prepare accordingly. “Hunters” is a preview of this warped and morbid Satanic fantasy.



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