SlavPitt #elitist #sexist

Slavpill is brutal

Living in western Europe (Germany) as a slav is brutal.
Being a slav is much worse than being turkish/arab or almost any ethnic. Many white foids in Germany even prefer Arabs and Turks over their own race.
But nobody prefers slavs. They just have it slightly better than chinks.

Some time ago i read an article about a slav foid writing she would rather die than dating a slav :feelsrope:

If Brad Pitt were born as a Slav he would be posting here

I grew up in Germany and i´ve seen so fkn many white german foids with average or slightly above average sandniggers. But all slavs i know imported their women from their countries and are betabuxxing. There are barely slavs with german foids.

Slavs have the lowest smv after chinks.

It's cucked that Slavic nations want to join European Union so bad. JFL at the Ukraine for risking a war against Russia just to get Cucked when they migrate to Germany.

It´s also lifefuel for western men when the market gets flooded by eastern euro foids. I wonder how polish men deal with it. Polish men are not very attractive either.



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