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That's Our Gal
Tell'um Kari
📣................................ Shout it Louder for the People in the Back

spoilerArizona will NOT be forcing COVID
shots into our children's arms or filthy
masks onto our their beautiful faces.
Thx but no thx, @CDCgov.

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@AmericaTruther CDC thinks they are an authority. They are NOT.

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@AmericaTruther With the CDC's vote today to add covid vaccines to the childhood immunization schedule, all Republicans who are running for governor should make sure the public is aware of it. A large number of parents are against these vaccines in their children. If a candidate says he or she will stand with parents and oppose mandatory covid vaccines for children in their state, it could be a huge voter issue.

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@Lizzylou_F @AmericaTruther the answer to outright murder is not going to be found voting

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@AmericaTruther declare the CDC the enemy of the state. Now you have all kinds of legal means at your disposal.

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Under no circumstances will I or my family take the poison.

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@AmericaTruther We need to hear this from every single state Governor!!!!! Every single one!!!!! 🤬



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