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( @Nature_and_Race )
I will only donate to charities that only give to White people.

Non-whites have more state resources than they know what to do with.

While White people are discriminated against by the system on a daily basis.


( @HanzGrubr )
@Nature_and_Race Catholic Charities......LMAO....who is helping the NGO'S import migrants?? Say it with me....CATHOLIC CHARITIES....God Bless

( @RoseWinterSnow )
@HanzGrubr I am Catholic & this is true. I wish it were not.

( @HanzGrubr )
@RoseWinterSnow I am a Christian and by no means do I not like Catholics. But the Catholic church has been playing the same globohomo power structure for centuries......they just called it something else.

( @ChadleyDudebroughington )
As many pointed out to me when I made a similar post, almost all charities are scams.

If you want to help, find White people who need help, and help them directly.

( @Screw_Your_Optics )
@Nature_and_Race Do we have anything like Hitler's Winter Relief Fund in North America or in Europe?

( @machungu )
@Nature_and_Race I give cash to white homeless people rather than sleazy charities with slick advertising campaigns

( @ConstitutionForever101 )
@Nature_and_Race Catholic charities are also funding the invasion of our border. Not sure how to reconcile this.

( @WarPigg )
@Nature_and_Race Catholic Charities is the Number One culprit in bringing in shitskins to our country. Don't give them one single cent.

( @Mjorees )
@Nature_and_Race Great idea. I usually try and give to whomever needs help because I have never cared about color of skin. This last two years has been an eye opener.

( @barbara51 )
@Nature_and_Race MOST are very poor, race, not included here. Go to a homeless area. Yes we are discriminated against. but who are WE? God is the JUDGE. He includes all colors. THE RED CROSS IS THE WORST. thank you for your comment.

( @UnironicFash )
@barbara51 @Nature_and_Race This dumb mindset will lead to your extinction. Reminder that the government would happily replace most white men with "christians" from africa and the middle east and they wouldn't care.



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