afchief #fundie

The Liberal mind has the moral world upside down. It thinks God/Reality should bow and justify to it, rather than it to God/Reality. It thinks by collectivizing that it can force such bowing. But all it accomplishes is to make itself morally irrelevant, by surrendering its conscience, responsibility, and children to a false collective. It believes it has entitlement without responsibility, charity without sacrifice, and morality without limit. What it actually has is dehumanization. We are living in an age of moral zombies who celebrate zombiehood. There is no co-existence. There will prevail, one or the other.

Liberalism truly is a mental disorder....there is no other explanation (except spiritual). We don't need to over analyze it. When truth, facts, reason, logic and historic precedent fall on deaf ears you have psychosis on your hands.

A Democrat is the only animal (yes animal) that can kill a baby and say, “God bless you and God bless the United States.”



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