Tabib Asnan #fundie


I'm not at all a fan,but the is just chopped off a few heads,took down the temple of baal(a demon),killed yazidis (who claim to worship satan,no joke), force a smoke ban and decency what did the zionist/freemasonic alliance do to innocent nations.911 false flag.dropped depleted uranium on Afghanistan Iraq and others.opened torture camps eg Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib.perpetuated sectarian violence by putting guns in the hands of the violent among minorities.ensuring a stalemate so that maximal bloodshed results.they directly killed over 3 million in the war against terror (Islam) and caused babies to be born deformed due to the uranium contamination.we are on par with the holocaust,just that we don't get sympathy-we have to apologise and prove we secular.



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