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spoilerAt this point there should be no one uttering the
phrase "back the blue."
Want to protest child drag shows?
Cops will arrest you.
Want to protect your child from a school shooter?
Cops will arrest you.
Want to preach Christianity in a public park
during "pride"?
Cops will arrest you.
And these are the same people who sat and
watched as every city in America was looted and
burned by BLM.
The people who run this country hate you and the
police are their enforcers

@Dakota1226 "Sat and watched"? They fucking KNEELED to BLM.

@Dakota1226 The blue work for the jew.



The thin blue line...separating the Parasites from the rest of us since the beginning of empires. They don't have to protect us, but they sure as hell have to protect their ma$ters. Their only purpose is to keep us from going pitchfork and torches mode.

@AntiSaint @Dakota1226 that will come.......and we will have to wade through the dems pets....BLM, antifa, the blue, and our own military

@Dakota1226 I've been saying that for a while. Its hero worship from the right. Law enforcement are not your friends. They are the jackbooted thugs that will take you to the gulag or worse. Most follow their pensions not their conscience.

@Dakota1226 I know some outstanding sheriffs in the remaining rural places, but can't argue with these facts about the police.



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