Matt Walsh #transphobia #wingnut

Trans identity has risen among children exponentially in just the last five to ten years. We're talking about a ten or twentyfold increase, or more. This is the result of deliberate indoctrination. There can be no other explanation. I'll explain why.

The Left says the increase in trans identity is illusory. They say that there were always this many trans people but they simply weren't comfortable coming out in the past. This claim is absurd on its face and doesn't pass the common sense test, but it's also self-contradictory

Why? Because the Left ALSO says that if we do not "affirm" all of these children as trans, they will kill themselves. The worst form of emotional blackmail.

And yet, by their telling, there were MILLIONS of unaffirmed trans kids for decades and centuries before this. And yet there was never any epidemic of millions of kids killing themselves due to lack of affirmation.

No, the tragic epidemic of child suicide has happened ALONGSIDE the rapid increase in "affirmation." Which clearly shows that by "affirming" we are driving the suicide epidemic. Not the other way around. The trans agenda drags kids into despair and confusion and leaves them there



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