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[Blackpill] Darwinistic nature defeatists are wrong, "nature doesn't want us to have sex so we shouldn't" is a feminist doctrine disguised as a blackpill

"Women's sexual selection has rejected your genes so you should just respect that and never get laid".

I keep hearing this kind of appeal-to-nature reasoning even here. People that are decently blackpilled but somehow falls into this trap where they let women be exempt from morals and laws but not men, double standards! Many men have their minds operating within arbitrary boundaries that a century of feminist thought has created, their intellect obscured leads them to this fallacy.

Monogamous marriages and slut shaming, that kept inceldom at bay for thousands of years, are social constructs, but do you know what also are? Laws, police, taxation, all welfare services that are voraciously used by women, everything that shackles men and diminishes their natural advantages. If you reject all attempts to control women's sexuality because "it's natural and you can't fight nature bro" then you also invite men's primal violent nature to flourish and all murder and rape that comes with it.

Imagine if a stone age man came to life amidst our modern society, what would he do if he was horny and all women rejected him? Masturbate and browse .co? No he'd rape the first best woman he saw and fight to kill any interference, he hasn't been domesticated by any moral dogmas so his biological instincts is all he knows.

Do you really think women want to go back to that? They depend on men for protection and to be provided for, it's not as obvious today when all men are forced to proxy provide for women but it's still true. Is chad resourceful enough to support and protect his entire harem? Not likely.

I'm not saying this egoistic anarchy is ideal but that is the inevitable end of feminism, you can't expect men to be good boy slaves forever.



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