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The mentally ill #buckangel contributing to the lie that is gender dysphoria is not curable but science says it is!
I was suicidal and I couldn't do anything anymore with my life anymore because I was a trans "men" and had gender dysphoria, But thank god I didn't know about this made up lie or I would have believed it and kill myself or cut off my boobs and uterus, Buck is not helper of gender criticals or to lesbians like me, she uses fake facts to justify her fetish and trauma hurting other girls while pretending to be a "good trans" but there no good trans its just a illness

#transgender #detrans #detransition #desisted #desist #LGB #genderideology #gendercritical #genderdysphoria #trojanhorse


She says she’s honest about who she is, but she clearly isn’t. She’s a woman with a frog voice and messed up internal organs. She’s not "living as a man" since there’s not such thing

Does all the hardcore porn help her "live at peace" too? I would think that would traumatize a woman.



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