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[From "The Albanian Question/Problem (Future Article)"]

I am in the process of an entry dedicated to a Race which denies their Slavic Heritage, but also the fact that they remain a Menace and Liability for many European and Western States, but are very cautious in hiding the destruction they do until it’s too late

If you have any questions or topic points you would like to be addressed on this article, please send me an E-mail and I will be sure to feature it in the upcoming release and why Albanians are an untrustworthy race and are not who you think they are, despite their clever antics and machinations when they come to your country

The Albanian Race is prone to corruption and bad decisions as a people, and they are one of the Lowest Empathy Races in the world. The Article will explain their Low Empathy

While Barbarian Races can have High Empathy and still be outright Savages, it will illustrate the difference in character of Albanians since they, like all Slavic peoples, have Low Empathy, but yet why they are also in denial of their Slavic Heritage, at least in Modern Times as far as we know



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