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This is a part of what we actually incarnated on this planet in this timeline to achieve; the restoration of the Universal Blue Sapphire Sun through Indigo consciousness that is helping to bring in the Universal Melchizedek logos body back into spiritual wholeness, through the triple solar divine masculine and triple solar divine feminine. If this Blue Ray rehabilitation is our mission, this will take us through the histories of the Fallen Melchizedeks in our Universal Time Matrix. Further, this will take us through the histories of the Eieyani and Essene Massacres, the hunting down of our original blue flame Melchizedek lineages and all of the angelic human holocaust histories that extend into several of the cataclysms that happened on the Earth.
There is clear and present evidence where we can see that this genocidal agenda is in play right now, while the majority of the global population is unaware that this targeted bio-weapon is designed to damage the original genetic and spiritual records of angelic humanity throughout time. Now during the consciousness war, we are at an intersection that converges into all of the astrological ages, from all of these combined histories, from all of these cataclysms, including the Eieyani Massacre. And earlier, when the Maji Grail Celtic lines from Hyperborea were hunted down during the ice age, when they attempted to create ice ages in order to freeze people out, to drive them underground or out of hiding to be eradicated from the planet. The cataclysms were being orchestrated via alien technology and designed to damage and destroy the planetary grid system of the Albion. The Albion network is in the United Kingdom and controls all of the layers of the planetary logos, the galactic logos, and the Melchizedek or universal logos.



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