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Resumes including they/them pronouns are more likely to be overlooked

( Jazman1867 )
That gives me some hope for this world.

( Hollyhock )
They/them on a resume screams, "I will be a VERY DIFFICULT employee and make your life as a manager hell."

( ham_champion )
I found that when I included "I'm an insufferable narcissist and will definitely be a giant pain in the ass to work with" on my resume, I got fewer callbacks. Why are the terfs trying to genocide me?!

( Mandy )
"Similarly, 51% believe their gender identity has affected their workplace experience "very or somewhat negatively."

Their gender identity has probably also affected their workmates very or somewhat negatively.

( fightlikeagirl )
Can't blame them, it'd be exhausting to work with an "NB". Imagine all the complaints they'd be bringing to HR for people hurting their gender feelings.

( pennygadget )
Not to mention the NBs going on TikTok to cry about how their employer is a Nazi for not letting them go home early with full pay every time some elderly customer calls them "young lady" or "young man". Or having to deal with a TIM throwing a tantrum on Twitter because all the women in his department use a different department's restroom because they don't want him in the room with them when they pee.

( a_shrub )
"Everybody misgenders me, so I don't feel safe working here."

( GCRadFem )
Without a doubt, if I was still reviewing resumes for potential hires, any of the non-b’s, self-identifying TIMS or the pronoun bunch would go in the do-not-interview pile.

( Kevina )
I help review candidates/make hiring decisions for my team, 1000% you will not get a job on my team if I see or hear about pronouns

( pennygadget )
Ditto. Not only are they insufferable and likely to cause conflict. They're also unproductive and have a habit of running to the break room to make a weepy TikTok every time their dysphoria is triggered

( chocolatefondant21 )
Same. I wouldn’t hire someone who’s going to make me walk on eggshells around them. No one has time for that.

( hmimperialtortie )
And should a TIP slip through that stage, he or she wouldn’t make it past interview.



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