SnowWhiteQueen #racist

Re: I have a crush on Candace Owens
I don't give a damn about any black woman. Any white man that is attractive to or lusts over negro women needs to be banned. What the hell is wrong with some people?

I don't know if this poster is white or not. Wouldn't surprise me if he was. It's the latest trend for white men to be all into dating black women and grovel at their feet. I've seen with my own eyes an increasing number of wimpy white males with black women over the last ten years. Many of them are so hideous you'd question how any man could be attracted to them.

It doesn't help that the media will push this anytime they get a chance in movies, shows, and commercials. So yeah, a lot of disgusting white men have a bad case of jungle fever.

Black women are often welfare queens that have multiple children by different men and speak like they never stepped foot into even the worst of the American Public School system. So, what room does Candace Owens have to talk about how bad black men are when black women do such a terrible job of raising their children to be anything other than ghetto bums constantly looking for a hand out?

I used to work around black women. They are without a doubt the lowest females in existence. Low quality white males have no problem dating, marrying or having casual sex with these filthy disgusting ghetto trash.

Black women are very opportunistic, arrogant and selfish. They will do and say whatever benefits them. That includes blaming black men for everything and not taking responsibility themselves as black women.

They are hypocrites that hate black men for dating or marrying white women, but they will date or marry a white guy if they think it can benefit them somehow. Usually this mean getting their hands on his money, living off of him and using white men to up their socioeconomic status.

Black women absolutely hate white women and see dating or marrying white men as stealing or taking something away from white women. They are very vengeful women that love to back stab other women.

You will see more and more white men abandon white women and children for black women, not only because it's trendy, but also because it's seen as progressive to abandon white women and white children for brown women and mixed children.




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