Robert Lindsay #fundie

[This was one of his comments on his own post which was called "Queers Recruit".]

Well this was back around the 1970's-1980's.

Friendships are impossible with these guys. They never stop trying to fuck me. Even bisexual guys. I tell them I’m straight and it never stops them. They just keep on trying. You either have to end the friendship or kill them. A few times I felt like killing them, honestly.

Gay men are way healthier than most seriously bisexual guys. Most of the bi guys I’ve known were kind of fucked in the head, and their almost all head-fucked about their bisexuality, generally they are in denial about it. One guy was a neighbor and he kept trying to fuck me. I ended the friendship rather violently. The cops got called and everything. I took a baseball bat and put a fuckin hole in his front door! Leave me alone, faggot!

Well, that put a stop to that. Then I told people he was bi. He was furious! He was NOT bisexual! He was going to kick my ass for saying that. A lot of those guys are like that. They fuck guys, but if you point it out, they get furious and threaten to kick your ass.

And a LOT of them are married too, and even have kids, often young kids. Really weird. I just met another one the other day. I was flattered that a beautiful 28 year old human wanted to fuck me, but it was the wrong damned gender!

I see why guys do it though. Sex with guys is so easy. Easy as filling up your gas tank. Getting sex from women is such a hassle a lot of the time.



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