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At a time like this we need to provide comfort and that’s exactly what we should do.
But there is no peace when sin is in the equation.
Why this is happening,that is beyond my realm.
But God is Holy,God is just and that is good news for mankind.
He’s also righteous and being righteous that presents a great problem.
The goodness of God presents one of the greatest problems to men because men are not good.So what does a good God do with men who are not?
God can’t simply overlook sin.
The Bible says that God is love,it’s what he is,it’s an attribute,God can’t cease to be love anymore than he can cease to be just,and he can’t cease to be just anymore than he can cease to be love.
So the justice of God looksat the sin of mankind and there’s alienation,there’s judgement leading to condemnation.
How can a man who is not good be righteous before God and acceptable to God?
Our good works are the things we fall back on,that’s the first thing mankind is going to fall back on because of self-idolatry,we think that if we have more good works than bad works,or we haven’t done some atrocious thing that God is somehow going to accept us.
Mankind has sinned against God and it doesn’t matter the quality or the quantity of sin,we have sinned and are separated from God.
There’s nothing mankind can do to set themselves right with God-
But God has done the impossible,he has done what the individual can’t do,he has done a work of redemption that he planned out before even the foundation of the world,before the fall of Adam and that is this-
That God and his Son would become a man and he would live the perfect life we could not live and then he would go to the Cross and he would die under the penalties for all our transgressions against God.
And in doing that,he satisfies the demands of Gods justice and makes it correct,makes it possible for a Holy and righteous God to demonstrate compassion to man,But that’s just in the person of a Jesus Christ and the resurrection of Christ is Gods approval,his demonstration that what Christ did on that tree was sufficient for our salvation.
If I die today I would go to Heaven for the same reason the thief on the cross went to Heaven,Jesus Christ died for sinners.
My life adds nothing to his work of salvation.
If someone becomes a Christian today they go to Heaven for the same reason I go to Heaven or some martyr goes to Heaven.
It’s because Jesus Christ died for sinners and what we must do,we must recognise our guilt,recognise our total inability and trust exclusively in the person and work of Jesus Christ.



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