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[In response to Youtuber Morgoth’s Review praising Dune as a great reactionary work…]

Terrific creative thought as ever MG. Many thanks. One observation: there's much talk in ethno-nationalist circles these days about 'atomisation' and the perils of individualism. However, nationalists must remember that in romanticism (or romantic spiritualism) the driving force of medieval European culture was always the authentic individual's quest for goodness. This is no specious 'hippy' individualism. The difference being that the true 'pilgrim's progress', though personal, was nevertheless always undergone for the greater good of the wider social hierarchy in which he, the 'noble' man lived and moved. The quest for the Grail being a prime example, in which only access to that symbolic chalice could restore order to Camelot. In contrast, 20th C fascism's big mistake lay in putting the cart before the horse and then wondering why culture didn't proceed. The grotesque decadence and cruelty of the 3rd Reich shows us that you cannot make a noble culture in this arse-over-tit way; you can't just supply fools and sadists with smart uniforms and expect them to form a culture. You have to give a people a real spiritual totem around which to assemble, and an associated set of practises by which they can transform themselves. A people needs a genuine ideal of spiritual excellence personified in certain elite individuals whom they wish both to protect and promote as the summum bonum of their culture. Ethno-nationamism needs to get to grips with these philosophical realities or it will be dead in the water just like Hitler's thousand year reich. Hitler was a vulgarian (among other things): he wanted cultural rebirth on the cheap. Can't be done. A people has to pay with everything it's got if it wants real, exalted culture.



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