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[Blackpill] Beta/inferior male trait

Asking for relationship advice, not only from reddit, but in general. If you have to seek relationship advice regarding "your" girlfriend, that means she's not happy with you, she sees you as inferior and she would dump you when she has the opportunity with a more attractive man.

Chad doesn't have to seek for advice because he is superior and females will avoid fighting or having arguments with him, because if they do, he'll dump them immediately and will hop on another one. They know that. So next time when you search relationship advice on Google, or even worse, on reddit, remember that you are not what she wanted. And spoiler alert: your "relationship" will end soon.

Definetly: if you're asking for advice, if you're trying, you've already lost.

Chad just cums on her face and they are both happy, until he wants to fuck another hole but she will follow him anyways.



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